Friday, October 19, 2012

ila's birth story part 2

At this point we really hadn’t taken any pictures and I was so mad. I asked Andrew to take a picture like 5 or 6 times and he still hadn’t. Finally I said, “Andrew if you don’t take a picture I am going to freak out.” Andrew took about the ugliest picture of me in the entire world in the middle of crying through a contraction, but I didn’t even care because I wanted to remember everything. I was in so much pain and was NOT going to do this natural so I was really wanting my epidural before it was too late. Jenna called the anesthesiologist and told him to come give me one and he said that he was in a C-section and that he’d be about a half an hour. He said to give me some pain medication to take the edge off of my contractions and he would hurry. I told him to come now and I would give him all the money in my wallet- and my mom’s wallet because I was dying of pain. Jenna gave me an IV, which I was really nervous for because with Jackson the nurse that gave me the IV did horrible. It hurt and she got blood all over. Jenna did a way good job. As soon as she gave me the medicine I started feeling way dizzy and tired and the edge was for sure taken off my contractions. About 15 minutes later the anesthesiologist, Morris Mathews, came in. I recognized him because he lives down the street from my parents and is in their stake. He was really nice and knew my parents. He did the epidural really fast and I was so grateful! The epidural was in and working and then he had me sign all of the papers. I signed them at 2:58AM. After I got the epidural, Jenna checked me again and said that I was dilated to a 7 now. She told me that my amniotic sac was coming out of my cervix, and that normally they would break it and things would progress really quickly, but because we were waiting for my mom and Gay to get there we decided to wait to break it. My mom got there around 3:45ish and we just kind of hung out. I was feeling great, mostly because I couldn’t feel a thing. I told Jenna that I wanted to have the mirror so that I could see the birth and that it could help me push so she went and got it right then so she wouldn’t forget. I was so happy because I needed to do my make up before I started pushing. I did my make up and was so happy.
Gay got there around 4:30 and I have never been so happy to see her! I was SO happy that she didn’t miss it! After Gay got there it was now safe to break my water.
A resident OB came in and broke my water at 4:50 and I was dilated to a 10. The baby’s head was still a little high because of the amniotic sac that was in the way so they told me to have a few more contractions and if I felt the urge to push to call them immediately. That kind of made me stressed out because I really wasn’t feeling much down there and I didn’t know if I would be able to tell if I was ready to push. A little while later the baby’s heart rate dropped a little bit so Jenna came in and checked everything. I told her I felt a little more pressure and like I was maybe ready to push. She said that she was pretty positive that I was ready to push because I had been progressing so well on my own-with no pitocin and that the baby’s heart rate dropping is usually a good indicator of being ready to push. Jenna checked and said that she was right, I was ready to push so she was going to page Dr. Brown and tell her we were ready to go. When Dr. Brown got there, Jenna was prepping me and getting everything ready. When you push you have to hold your breath for 10 seconds and focus on pushing. I could not figure out how to hold my breath at all- I was getting so confused. As soon as we could see her head, the doctor said, “Wow- look at all that hair!” It was so cute! I was so excited to have a baby with hair. 3 contractions later our baby girl was out! I only pushed for 6 minutes, it was so amazing. Ila was born at 5:24AM on Saturday, September 15, 2012 I couldn’t believe how fast it went! It was awesome! As soon as she was out they put her on my stomach and cleaned her off. She was screaming, screaming, screaming.
I know that it is good to let them scream and clear their lungs out, but she was screaming so much. After they checked her out, weighed her and measured her they gave her back to me to feed her. She did a pretty good job latching on right away. As soon as she was born and things calmed down for a little while, both grandmas were begging to know her name, but we still wanted to keep it a secret.
After I fed her we were taken up to the recovery room. Because it was still so early we didn’t have any visitors for a while. I was so excited for Jackson to come and meet his new baby sister so as soon as it was 8:30 and I knew that he would be awake, we called Meggie and Facetimed with Jackson. Ila was crying and Jackson just kind of sat there and looked at her, I of course was crying too. While we were hanging out we decided to tell the grandmas the baby’s name, Ila Ann Hyde. Everyone thinks that we named her Ila because it is Ali backwards, but that was a total coincidence. About 2-3 years ago, we were doing sealings in the Logan Temple and one of the names that we did was Ila. When the sealer said the name, Ila, I thought it was beautiful. I loved it. I looked over to see how it was spelled and saw that it was Ila. I don’t event think that at the time I realized that it was my name backwards. Then, on January 15, 2012, when I found out that I was pregnant, as soon as I saw the positive pregnancy test I had the strongest feeling that I was having a girl and her name was Ila. It was like the Lord whispered it in my ear and told me her name.
Both of the grandmas loved the name and thought that it was beautiful. Grandma Siegfried loved that her middle name is Ann because of Ila’s great-grandma Carrolyn Ann Ripley. The next few hours were full of naps, visitors and lots of nurses. It worked out perfect being born on a Saturday because no one had to work and everyone from Logan was able to come down and see our sweet new baby. Around 11:30 Jackson walked in the room I was so excited and started to cry. He was so sweet with Ila, but a little nervous around me. He was really clingy to Andrew and wanted Andrew to hold him if he got close to Ila.
The hospital was super busy so it took them a really long time for them to finally come and give the baby a bath, but eventually she got her bath and got cleaned up. Gay was super nice and slept at our house and took care of Jackson for us so that Andrew could be at the hospital with me and Ila. We came home from the hospital on Monday, Sept. 17. The whole week Andrew stayed home from work to help out with the kids, it was such a blessing. We are so happy that Ila is here with us and in our family, we love you Ila!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

ila's birth story part 1

Ila Ann Hyde Saturday, September 15, 2012- 6 lb. 11 oz.- 20 inches long- 5:24AM I feel like a few things had to be done before our sweet girl could be born. On Friday, Sept. 14 Jackson had his 2 yr. check up. I was already nervous that I was going to have baby sister earlier than the 14th so I had Meggie on call to take Jackson if I couldn’t take him, but luckily I could take him and Emily came with me to help me out. Then Jackson, Emily and I went to Target for a little bit, got lunch and then went back to Grandma Siegfried’s house to eat. While we were there Grandma and I went through ALL of her old baby clothes that she was going to let me borrow for sister. It was really nice because Emily played with Jackson while my mom and me went through the clothes. Later that day I remembered that the Utah State Fair was going on. It ended on Sunday the 16th and Saturday the 15th was the BYU vs. Utah game and I knew Andrew was not going to miss that, so if we didn’t go tonight then we wouldn’t be able to go. Chloe said that she wanted to go with us, which was so nice because Jackson loves her so much and she was able to ride some of the rides with him. While we were there I had some contractions that were a little harder than usual, but they weren’t consistent at all so I really didn’t think about them. I thought that they were just from walking around.
We had a great time at the fair, took Chloe home and we got home around 10:00. Since it was past Jackson’s bedtime we hurried and got him ready for bed and put him down for the night. At 10:24 I started having contractions. These ones were a lot tighter, not too painful at all yet, but not too fun. These contractions were about 9-10 minutes apart and then quickly went to 7 minutes apart. My mom called me on her friend Tammy’s phone and asked for the address to our new house so they could go see it. While I was on the phone with her I told her I was having regular contractions and she told me to go lay down and call her if they got worse on Tammy’s phone because she left hers at home on accident. My back was really starting to hurt and every time I had a contraction I felt like I needed to lay down flat almost and on my side. Before when I had had contractions the doctor told me to take Tylenol, drink water and get in the bath. Andrew kept telling me to get in the bath, but I was way too tired and I didn’t really think I was in labor and just kept thinking the contractions would stop. My contractions were now 4 minutes apart and pretty painful- mostly in my back. Finally, around 11:30 I agreed to get in the bath and see if it would help. The bath helped a little bit, the contractions slowed down to every 6 minutes, but they were more painful because I couldn’t lay down like I wanted to earlier. I stayed in the tub for an hour and by the time I got out the contractions were every 3-4 minutes. I was really in a lot of pain and just kept hoping that my water would break so that I would for sure know I was in labor. I was pretty sure that I was, but nervous that I would go to the hospital and get sent home for false labor. Andrew and I decided to say a prayer around 1:00AM to have the contractions either stop, or get worse. We literally said, “Amen,” and the contractions got way worse. The contractions would start hurting in my back, then go to my stomach, then hurt my back way more, then slow down and stop until the next one came on. I really wanted to call my mom and tell her, but it was so late and I didn’t want to call Tammy’s phone just incase she wasn’t with my mom anymore. So, I decided to call Emily. As soon as she answered the phone, half asleep, I was bawling and in the middle of a bad contraction and couldn’t even talk. I told her that I was pretty sure that I was in labor and that I wanted her to come over now, even if I didn’t go to the hospital for another 2 hours because by that point I wouldn’t be able to wait for her to come over. She said she’d get her things ready and be over as soon as possible. I was supposed to teach ballet on Saturday, but obviously that wasn’t going to happen so Emily was all ready to teach for me. I called Meggie to come and stay with Emily and Jackson too cause Emily had to leave early to go teach my ballet classes and we needed someone there with Jackson. Emily got there around 1:40 and we hurried out the door. As we were walking to the car I was having way bad contractions and could barely walk and Andrew kept telling me to hurry and get in the car and all I wanted to do was drop to the floor. While we were driving to the hospital I was freaking out- I could not believe that I really might be in labor. I was so excited, but so nervous.
When we got to the hospital I was really ready to die, but I was so sad that we hadn’t taken any pictures. As we were walking in to the hospital I was having a bad contractions and grabbed on to Andrew. He tried to keep walking and I about knocked him on the floor. I don’t think he understands how much pain I really was in. We got inside the hospital, they got me a wheel chair and Andrew got us checked in. Our nurse, Jenna, wheeled me into out room- room 5 and I got changed into a hospital gown. Changing might have been the hardest thing ever while having contractions. Jenna needed to check and see how progressed I was so she could tell the on call doctor. My doctor, Dr. Rebecca Ponder, was out of town so we had to have the on call doctor, Dr. Brown. I was so happy because I had heard that Dr. Brown was a really good doctor, and if I hadn’t of gotten into Dr. Ponder I was going to choose Dr. Brown. While Jenna checked me, I was thinking, “I got checked just a few days ago and I was only a 2+ and 70% effaced…” Jenna said, “You are dilated to a 6 and 100% effaced.” When she said that I think I started screaming. I could not believe it! It seriously didn’t cross my mind once that those contractions were progressing me. I was freaking out because everyone told me that with their second baby they dilated to a 6 and then about 10 minutes later they were to a 10 and ready to push. I was so stressed out because we hadn’t even called Gay yet because we didn’t want to wake anyone up for a false alarm, or make her drive down from Logan for a false alarm. I started yelling at Andrew saying, “O MY GOSH- CALL YOUR MOM! CALL MY MOM! O MY GOSH!!!” He grabbed the phone and called my mom and told her to hurry down cause we were for sure having a baby tonight. When he got off the phone I said, “What did your mom say?” And he said, “I just called your mom- I’m calling mine right now.” I freaked out. I said, “Are you kidding me?!? Why would you call my mom- she lives 10 minutes away- we need to call YOUR mom NOW she has to drive way far!” Andrew called Gay at 1:22 and in the background I think I said, “Tell her to HURRY!” about 100 times. I was SO nervous that Gay was going to miss it.
Part 2 coming sooooooo... LOVE YA!

Monday, September 17, 2012

ila ann hyde

Baby Sister is here!
September 15
6 lb. 11 oz.
20 inches long
100% perfect!!!
Birth Story will be here soon!

Monday, June 4, 2012


... is obviously not a priority of mine- o well. I really do love the whole idea, but I honestly forget about it for a few weeks... Or say 15 weeks! When I last blogged baby sister was only 10 weeks- well, now she/ I am 25 weeks!!! AHHH!!! How fast this pregnancy is going really freaks me out! I can't believe I will have two kids soon- I feel like that is official MOM status! YIKES! Not that 1 kids doesn't qualify you as a mom, but I feel like a second kid makes your life even more hectic- I am sure! Honestly, not much has been going on. Jackson is still as awesome as always... Andrew is working as always... and I am trying to be as comfortable and cool in this heat as I can. ~Jackson is talking so much more lately and I am loving it! He is honestly so smart and the Dr. even said that he is very advanced speach-wise for his age! Nothing makes me more proud that hearing that Jacks is "advanced."~I REALLY want to potty train Jackson... I know, it is early- especially for a boy, but I know that he is smart enough to do it- no question. He HATES being in a poopy diaper, he tells me BEFORE he is going to poop that is he about to poop. And he loves to flush the toilet... I would DIE if he was potty trained before sisters arrival, but everytime I even talk about it people are always telling me, "Well, Gooood Luck!" Like I have no clue what I would be getting myself into... LAME!~It is so crazy to me how much of a little boy he has turned into- he LOVES watching basketball, baseball, golf, and mostly hockey- gag! ~His favorite color is green or blue.~He LOVES gummi worms and is always asking for "Gunnies!" He loves to say prayers! !Usually, after we say "Amen" he'll say, "'gain!" (again) cause he wants to say one more! ~He hands me my phone and says, "Call. Daddy. Home." just about a hundred times a day cause he misses Andrew and wants him to come home. And, when Andrew calls us when he actually is on his way home Jackson says, "Car. Drive. Home. Hurry!" It is SOOO dang cute!!! ~He can work my iphone probably better than my mom. He has all his favorite videos on youtube and can get to them just as fast as possible. It is seriously nuts how kids just pick up on this technology stuff.~He is OBSESSED with my little sister Chloe, or Cwowdy! He talks about her all day and when he is with her he WILL NOT leave her alone- I feel kinda bad cause she is constantly having to do whatever he wants, but it is so cute!I LOVE buying clothes and looking at nursery ideas fot sister, but it is kinda hard- a lot harder than I thought it would be... I'll find a cute lieele onesie or leggings or something that I like and then it'll have Minny Mouse on it, or a lady bug or a stupid heart or crap like that- SO annoying! I have found some WAY cute, and clearance might I add, stuff at Gap Kids and I am SO excited!!! I got sister 8 skirts at Target too for all less than $3!!! I love a good sale! HaHa! Here are a few cute pics from Thanksgiving Pointe on Memorial Day...Anyways, this post is all for you Miss Lindsey, thanks for the blogging motivation that I needed! Hopefully I will be blogging again soon about some VERY excting news!!!LOVE YA!!!

Friday, March 2, 2012


We couldn't be more excited! Baby is due September 20! Yes, you did remember correctly- Jackson's birthday is September 21! More details to come- mama needs a nap!

Monday, January 23, 2012


I love January! It is the best month of the year because everyone is trying SO hard at their new years goals, trying to be a good person, stay organized and all that good stuff. My house is pretty spotless lately and it makes me SO happy! We like to have piles of clutter (mail receipts, coupons, etc...) lying around and it is amazing how much counter space that junk takes up! I LOVE New Years goals SO much! LOVE them! It is so refreshing to have a new start to better yourself...
My New Years Goals are...
1.)Forgive people more quickly. I tend to hold little grudges here and there, what a waste! SO, I am trying to be a little bit better.
2.)Organize one thing a day. We are thinking about buying a house when our lease is up in May and I want to make that move as easy as possible so I am picking one drawer or cabinet a day to de-clutter. Honestly, it doesn't take long. I already de-cluttered a box of junk in our laundry room today and it took like 10 minutes tops.
3.)Read the Ensign cover to cover each month. The Hyde family decided that this would be fun to do as a family. Me and Andrew had a goal last year to do it and stopped in March(losers, I know), but it was great while it lasted so I am excited about this one.
4.) Continue going to the Temple each month. I love going to the Temple. We have a ton of family names that we do from my dad's side and it makes it a little more special each time. If you put it on your calendar each month it really helps!
5.)Build our food storage/ stock pile a lot this year. Everytime I watch Extreme Couponing I get so motivated and think, "Why can't I do that?!?" Well, I am not going to dumpster dive for coupons, I'm not going to buy crap we don't need and most importantly, I have a life! I really do want to have an awesome stock pile though of things that we use every day (tooth paste, toilet paper, paper towels, water...) so that when the big earth quake or whatever happens we will be ready!
6.) Have my new gratitude journal filled by the end of the year. So far I have written 5 things every few days, it is a great way to recognize the Lord's hand in your life everyday.

Hopefully I can keep up with these goals- I really do want to, but you know how it goes...

Here is what we have been up to...

My bestest friend Betsy got home from her mission! YAY! I am SO happy to have her back in a land where I can at least text her and call her all the time! I guess we are used to not living in the same zip code since we haven't since 2006- wow- that's a long time! I LOVE YOU BETSY AND AM SOOO PROUD OF YOU!!!

My dad usually gets a Jazz suite for the first game of the year. This year Jackson was so fun to take. He kept cheering and ate TONS of food- it was great! Until... The Jazz Bear came! We were sitting in the seats and we hear a big POP and confetti went EVERYWHERE. Then silly string. The Bear got my dad SO good- it was so funny! SO, I screamed with excitment to go get a picture with the Bear and Jackson freaked out! Like totally lost it he got so scared! Um, HELLO, meeting the Jazz Bear is on my Bucket List (yes, I am currently working on my bucket list- always adding stuff to it).

Not too much else is going on around here... WOW, I freaking rock at blogging lately!


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

ABC's of 2011

I thought that might be kinda fun...Enjoy!

A-Angie's Dance Academy! I taught ballet for Angie while I lived in Logan and was greatful for that experience. I was sad to leave, but am so blessed that I am still teaching at a different studio in Sandy, Dance Concepts!

B-Bye Bye Logan! SO extremely sad to leave the Hyde's, but SO excited to have an awesome job in Salt Lake and be living close to my family.

C- Celebrated my first Mother's Day! I LOVE BEING A MOM!

D- Dates! Me and Andrew saw a movie about a month before Jackson was born, so in August 2010 and went AN ENTIRE YEAR without seeing a movie! The first movie we saw since being parents was 17 Miracle, ha ha! Since then we've been to lots of movies and are going on lots more dates- finally!

E- Emily started hair school! I know, you're thinking that this has nothing to really do with us, but YES it does! FREE HAIR FOR LIFE!!! Too bad my son has no hair- Ha Ha!

F-Father's Day! Andrew got to celebrate his first Father's Day! WE LOVE YOU ANDREW!

G- Grandma Moby passed away in October. I love her and miss her SO much, but am SO glad that she is in heaven watching over us pain free.

H- Hyde Family Pictures! My sister in law Amy's sister Kelsey took these pictures and did such a good job!

I- International Traveling! We got to go to Mexico in August and it was SO fun! Jackson was a champ the whole time! We ate SO much chips and guacamole that I thought I was going to pop! YUM!

J- Jazz games! Jackson went to his first Jazz game Jan. 1, 2011. He was just an itty bitty 14 week old baby, but it was fun! We LOVE the Jazz!

K- Katy Perry concert! LOVED it! Katy is awesome!

L- LOVE! We celebrated our Three Year Anniversary this year! Each year we stay in the Anniversary Inn and this year we stayed in The Biker's Roadhouse, it was awesome!

M- Master's Degree... CHECK! Go Andrew! You rock and are always trying to make mine and Jackson's life better, thank you Sweetheart!

N- Nice Apartment! MAN ALIVE do I love our new apartment! It is SO much bigger and SO much nicer than our Logan Student Housing Apartment. I did LOVE the ward and our friends in Logan, but no dishwasher and spiders all over was just about enough to kill me after 3 years ;) O, and no AC!

O-One Years Old! Jackson Boy turned one in September and I am more than honored to be the mother to such an angel!

P- Patriots VS. Giants game! I hate football, but going to the game was really fun. One step closer to seeing ALL the teams play before we die ;)

Q- Quite the trip to England! Andrew got to go "Study Abroad" for a week or so in March for school and had so much fun!

R-RUNNING! Jackson started walking two weeks after his first birthday and got the hang of it SO fast! It is unreal how quickly these kids learn!

S-Sister Time! I LOVE MY SISTERS and am SO blessed that we have such an awesome relationship. Since moving to Midvale, I don't think I have gone one day without seeing at least one of them.

T- Time Out For Women! Gay took me, Amy and Raegen and we had so much fun. It was all of our first time (except Gay) and we are going to make it a tradition every year. I loved all of the speakers and it was so great cause it was just for women!

U- Utah State Fair! So fun! Love the fair!

V- Vacation to Boston! SO fun! LOVE our yearly getaway just the two of us!

W-Wes and Raegen got married! Such a fun, beautiful day and we couldn't be happier that Raegen is now a Hyde!

X- Xtra fun playing around! Jackson is at such a fun age- newborns are boring to me! Ha! Love them, but Jackson is so fun to play with now!

Y-Yummy food! It is nice that Jackson can now eat pretty much anything that we eat now! It is so fun ordeing him a Happy Meal and watching him eat normal people food!

Z- Zoo! This was the first time taking Jackson to the Zoo! SO fun! SO hot! Can't wait til next year ;)

Wow, I had to get creative there at the end! WOW, two post in such a short time- look at me go! LOVE YA!