Monday, December 1, 2008

Welcome to Whoville!!!

So we have been up to a lot lately and I have decided to take pictures of everything. I am the one that does our grocery shopping, but since Andrew was home with me one night I made him go with me.

Here is a picture of him on one of the little motorized carts that he drove around that he said "could turn on a dime!" He kept showing me how great the turning radius was- it was pretty impressive! Ha Ha! And, it was funny cause while I was looking at the Christmas Decorations he was getting toothpaste and I hear this lady start talking to him and come to find out she was such a saint to my little retard and said, "If you need anything up high that I can grab for you while I am here just let me know...What'd you do to yourself?" Then Andrew lied and told her that he blew out his knee playing football and then she went on to tell him that her son did the same thing and the recovery is a long one. I about peed my pants when he told me the whole story. Ha Ha! Here is story number 2. Andrew's parents were so nice and let us have their old Christmas tree cause they have a new one. So, we rearranged our furniture, set up the tree and everything. His parents thought that it was going to be too wide for our house, so we had to set it up on the Monday before Thanksgiving because if it didn't work they were going to buy us a smaller one for one of our Christmas presents, but it worked so we were all good.

Then, on Black Friday we put the lights on it. (Here's where you have to use your math skills) We had 350 lights that Andrew started stringing on around 8:00, by 9:00ish we realize that we need A LOT more, so we went to Walmart and bought 2 packs of 400 lights, so 800.

So, we go home, start stringing them on and when we get through that 800 at 11:40 we realize that we need even more lights! SO, at 11:45 we make our second trip back to Walmart and buy 300 more! I thought that we just needed 200, but Andrew wanted to buy one more set just in case cause he wasn't going to make a 3rd trip to Walmart cause the 2nd one was bad enough. SO, we are putting the 300 on and it barely is enough- if we wouldn't have bought that extra set my inspired husband suggested, we would have made a 3rd trip!!! So, hopefully you've been counting and have figured out that we put 1,450 lights on our tree!!! It seriously looks AMAZING! Andrew did such a good job and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

Since it was like 1:00 in the morning we decided that we would decorate it on Saturday. Luckily we had more than enough decorations, so our tree looks freaking awesome!

And, I got the cutest ornament that says 2008 and we put a picture of us in it and that is going to be our little ornament tradition.

OK, last story. The past 2 years I have had the same advent calendar, but I forgot it and left it in Salt Lake at my parents house, so I decided that I would make one this year! I printed out cute numbers off of the computer and taped them to mini Snickers and mini Reeses- our two favorites! Then, I got white ribbon (like snow) and tied them to the papers and candy and hung them on a mini tree in our room. The Red ones are mine and the Green ones are Andrews. So, we have 50 of them on there! Yikes! It is a little crowded, but it's fun so I don't care!

Well, hope you all enjoyed the longest posted in the world and hope you guys had a GREAT Thanksgiving and are getting SO excited for Christmas! I am like extra excited this year!
AH, ok, this is the real last thing. Dylan turned 1!!! I love him so much I can't even tell you and wish that I got to hang out with him every day cause he is so dang cute! Here is a picture of him destroying a piece of his birthday cake!