Friday, July 23, 2010

Sister B and Baby Showers

A few weeks ago my bestest friend Betsy left on her mission to Uruguay! I was so lucky and got invited to her setting apart and it was really awesome. She is going to be such a great missionary and will work so hard like she always does in all aspects in her life. LOVE YOU SISTER B! (CAUTION...I look huge in this picture...)

THEN, my fabulous mom and awesome sisters threw me a baby shower! It was SO much fun and I got a lot of really cute stuff! It was so great to just have all of my cute aunts, grandma's and cousins there! My family really is so close and it is always so much fun to all get together!


I really loved every single thing that I got at my shower and needed all of it times 10, but these win the prize of one of my top favorites... My aunt Julee and her cute daughters made me thse quilts for Baby. O M G is all I have to say! Seriously Julee is SO talented and SO good at what she does! The thing that amazes me the most about quilts like this is that you just walk into a fabric store and buy tons of fabric and don't stress about if it matches perfectly and then once it is all put together it looks FABULOUS! I have a hard time making decisions like that so it always amazes me that others can do it so well. I can't wait to cuddle my little nugget in these cozy blankets!

And, my cousin Blakelee has become a great little photographer and took a lot of really cute pictures at my shower... Check out her blog to look at them cause she is awesome!

Today is my Moms' birthday! YAHOO! I just wanted her to know how much I love her and how amazing she is. She is the most compassionate person I know and will bend over backwards for anyone in need. I am SO lucky to have her as a mother and my little nugget is so lucky to have her as a grandma because she has already spoiled the crap out of him! LOVE YOU BIG CAT!!!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Catch Up...

I know, I know- I suck at blogging lately. Here are my excuses...
1- We went to Hawaii for 8 days
2- Our computer has a virus!
3- I am too tired!

Seriously I am getting more and more tired and worn out from simple every day things. It is no fun for anyone when I am tired because all I do is cry. It feels like it is umcontrolable and it just happens- Andrew really enjoys it. I really do feel bad because not only am I worthless cause I am too tied to do anything, I just lay there and cry so he can't get anything done either.

Here are some pictures of Hawaii- we really did have SO SO SO much fun and it was SO relaxing and SO great to have Andrew not at work everyday and be able to be with my family 24-7!

On our way to HAWAII!!!

Me, Grandma and my Mom

Checking in to the Grand Wailea

Me and my Mom

Andrew boogie boarding

Gorgeous Chloe Boogie Boarding

Eating YUMMY breakfast

Because of my huge bump this is how I got my back tan- creative I know!

Hawaiian Love

Ocean Love

Beautiful Hawaii

Andrew, my Mom, Meggie and Emily all got to go Scuba Diving...

I just sat on the beach and drank my frozen lemonade...

After Scuba Diving- they got to hold an octopus, star fish and other creatures!

The Whole Family on the Beach

The kiddies on the beach

Hawaii was SO much fun and I have a feeling that next year, with an 8 month old, it will be even better!

Now, here are my 28 week pictures! Can you believe it!?! I certainly CAN NOT believe that I am in my 3rd Trimester now! Where in the heck did the 1st and 2nd Trimesters go? Here was a little reality check for us- we went to Stork Landing- a cute baby store with cribs, strollers- you name it. We were just looking at some of the cribs and I asked how long it took to order a crib and the gril told me 6-10 weeks... 10 WEEKS! You're kidding me! I will be 39 weeks by then!!! No way will we be getting a crib from there...

I still am feeling great, just getting more tired like I said. Baby is NUTZ! When I do my Kick Counts and am supposed to get 10 in an hour, pretty sure I get 10 in about 3 minutes... You do the math at how many times that means he moves in an hour! He is going to be one wild little buckaroo, but we are getting more and more excited!!!

And, ELDER WESLEY HYDE GOT HOME!!! He was serving in the England Manchester Mission! We are SO excited for him to be home! I don't know what happened, but I didn't take any more pictures of Him at the airport...

And, last but not least, my two besties threw me a baby shower! It was SO SO SO much fun! I got some way good stuff and it was so much fun to see everyone. Betsy and Becca decorated so cute and did such a great job! I LOVE THEM!



Cute Decorations

Cute Decorations

OK, now this is the real last thing... Betsy is leaving on a missionon WEDNESDAY! Holy Cow! I seriously love her to death and can't imagine not being able to text her and ask her how to spell things, what decision to make or just to text her my random weird things that only she understands. I love her so much and am SO excited for her to serve in Uruguay! LOVE YOU BETS!

I threw her a surprise going away sleepover party and we had SO much fun doing absolutely nothing and staying up talking all night with all the girls!

K, I promise to blog more... Sorry! LOVE YA!