Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Sorry to my fellow readers who have felt neglected, ha ha, right...
Anyways, I have been SO busy with my internship, school and just life! Here is what we have been up too...

One day I decided to be all Martha Stewart and get really crafty. I go this cute idea off the internet and blog hopping one day. I made my own cute cork boards! Anyone who knows me knows that this is totally not something that I do on a regular basis, but it really was fun and I am going to try and be more crafty, but we'll see.

Starting my project...

The finished project all hung (by ME!) and ready to be used!

The next fun thing that happened was Angie's Dance Academy Year End Show! My girls did So good and I was very impressed with how the show turned out! My favorite class is my littlest girls. They are age 5-7 and are SO fun! Along with my craftiness- I made the flowers in their hair!

This is me and Shantelle. Shantelle is my Wednesday private lesson class who I have really grown to love! She is SO sweet and actually reminds myself of me a lot of the time. She went on point this year and has done such a good job!

This is Sky and Alison! Sky is adorable and has improved SO much this year and Alison has such natural talent it amazes me. She has PERFECT natural turn out, is SO flexible, can count and hear music beautifully and has perfect arms and everything! I adore these two. Oh, and Sky told me she loves big furry spiders!!! YIKES!

Another cute picture of my little ballet class...
So for Memorial Day, you guessed it, Andrew had to work! I guess it was ok because he came home with this...

He got a SMOKIN' deal on it, so he "had" to get it. I was like, "Um, ok..."Then, while we were watching one of the many basketballs games on Monday night he says, "Babe, I bet I can have this set up in 10 minutes... I bet it's really easy... HELP ME MOVE THE COFFEE TABLE..." I thought he was kidding. I was like, "Babe, this is not going to fit in here, blah blah blah..." But he was determined that it would. So, I find myself helping him move the coffee table and start setting everything up.
After starting to set it up I thought that this was SO fun! I love camping and thought it'd be fun to camp in out living room! So, after we got it set up...

We watched a movie in it! I begged Andrew to sleep in it, but he said the most he'd do was watch a movie unless I was going to bring our pillow top downstairs into the tent... I decided a movie would be fine.

It really was SO much fun and I am SO grateful that we didn't have any visitors because they would have really thought we were nuts if they came over and we were watching a movie in a tent IN OUR OWN HOME... It was fun and something that I think our kids will love one day!

Thanks for reading!

Friday, May 8, 2009


8 things I'm looking forward to....
1. Graduating in December 2009!
2. Having millions of babies ASAP!

3. Having Andrew Graduated May 2010!
4. Elder Wesley Hyde Home in July 2010!

5. Buying our first home!

6. Andrew getting a Fabulous Job that don't have Sales 'til MIDNIGHT!
7. Going to Heaven!
8. Seeing my Family tomorrow!

8 things I did yesterday...
1.Went to my internship 8:00-12:00...
2. Made lunch and ate with my hubby... This is an old pic, but we're eating in it!

3. Went to Leven's 1:00-6:15...
4. Got to hold the CUTEST little Boy Dalton Butler...
5. Hung out with my BFF Tiarra
6. BAWLED to Grey's Anatomy!

7. Had a Heart to Heart with Andrew (FINALLY)
8. Said our nightly prayer...

8 things I wish I could do...

1. Read the Future!
2. Have a baby yesterday PAIN FREE!
3. Read Andrew's mind... I mean, it doesn't look like there's that much going on anyways...

4. Understand why it is important to have ESPN on 24/7
5. Be a good cook
6. Meet the Prophet

7. Control more people (there life really would be better)
8. Make all my friends from High School move to Logan!

8 shows I watch...
1. Grey's Anatomy ( I am a little obsessed- I have it schedule in my phone for every Thursday)

2. The Office
3. Seinfeld

4. Everybody Loves Raymond
5. King of Queens
6. Tyra
7. Family Feud- not my family, just the show ; )
8. The News (I really do like watching the news)

8 people I tag....
1. Crystal Oberg
2. Kera Butler
3. Betsy Broadwater
4. Lindsey Knudsen
5. Brekke Searle
6. Whitney Garrett
7. Jennica Bentley
8. Heidi Pierce


I also would like to post a little tribute to my Mama! She's the best! She seriously is the most compassionate person in the world and I have learned so much from her. I really do miss her SO much and wish that she'd just come and move next door! She is SO funny! She loves being with her daughters and cute little son! She used to call me from school and beg me to leave and go shopping with her- Now I KNOW that deserves The Best Mom EVER Award! I love her to death and the thought of her not in my life makes me want to die! I'm tearing up right now just thinking about that! She is so awesome and I hope she never forgets that!

Sorry there were a lot of random pictures and stupid jokes, but Andrew has been at work for the past 7 hours and I am getting a little lonely. . .

Friday, May 1, 2009

10 days of Feeedom!

SO I just finished my last final and man am I happy! I've said this before, but this semester was for sure the hardest one EVER! I have never been so unmotivated, so tired, so DONE in my life! I got pretty good grades though, so somebody must be looking out for me. Summer classes start May 11 and I am not very excited. I'm taking 12 credits, but 6 of them are internship credits, so not too much homework or anything, 3 of the credits is a 4 week classes that will be done June 5 and the other class is online, so summer should be pretty easy. Then, in the Fall I have my financial counseling practicum and only one class! I can't tell you how happy I am that I will be done in December- 7 months! I know that is kinda far away, but it will be here before I know it...hopefully...

So, what am I going to do with my 10 days of freedom...
  • Clean out our second bedroom/office/ junk room/ my craft room/ Andrew's closet- this room has definantly been neglected...
  • Go on a Picnic! Lately I have been craving a picnic! I love just laying outside and taking a nap in the warm summer sun- we'll see if the weather will cooperate with me.
  • Write in my journal! I used to be SO dedicated to my journal and I blame this hard semester on my last journal entry being FOREVER ago!
  • Spring clean my Closet! And Andrew's! (I should hurry and do his while he's at work... Ha Ha!) I have SO much clothes that my closet is the biggest mess EVER! I try and keep it organized, but there is just too much stuff in there to organize it so I am throwing a lot away!
  • RELAX!!!

I know this list isn't too long, but I have a tendency to over schedule/ over-book myself and then I get mad at myself for not getting everything done.

Now I couldn't finish my post without at least ONE picture! This is a picture from Senior Dinner Dance in June 2006. I just wanted to let all of these lovely ladies that I love them and miss them SO much and wish that we could see each other more often! Love you guys!