Sunday, November 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Grandma!

So my mom's mom just had her 70th Birthday! So exciting! My Grandma told my aunt Sundee that she had been "craving skating" lately and that she wants to go for her birthday! When I heard that we were going skating for her birthday I told everyone that I was leaving as soon as Grandma put her skates on, but she ended up having some helpers so I was able to stay the whole time! Ha Ha! Here are so great pictures of us skating it up!

-Porter, Heather, Emily and Stacy-
-Present Time-

-Em and Me-

-Meg and Grandma while Grandpa puts on Grandma's skates!-

-Meg and Em getting their blades on-

-Slow and Steady-

-Almost Falling Down!-

-We're Good!-

-Snowball with my Husband-

-Family Fun-

-Em, me, Carson, Brynn, Meg and STRANGER-
(This little girl kept getting on our little train and it was SO funny!)

-Looking Good Girls-

-Skating Sweethearts-
So I guess having a skating party is fun when you are 7 or 70! Ha Ha! We love you so much Grandma and are so happy that we got to spend the day with you!

Thursday, November 5, 2009


So sorry that these pictures are a little late, I know you all have been dying to see what we were this year...

...Big Bad Wolf (Granny Style) and Little Red Riding Hood...

We got Andrew glasses from from the Dollar Store that made the costume look so great and to top it off we got him comfy little pink slippers to go with his granny nightgown!

...Andrew really looked so funny!...

...These are our pumpkins...
I actually hated my pumpkin this year! Mine is the one on the Right, and the picture looked So cute on the paper, but it really didn't turn out how I would have hoped... O well, I'll just have to do a really really awesome one next year cause Andrew wouldn't go buy me a new one to do a redo this year- mean, I know!

So I am having a major life style change in 5 weeks and 2 day and I can hardly wait. I. . .


14 months ago I remember almost crying to my dad and telling him that I just want to quit school and that all I want to be is a stay at home mom so why would it matter if i graduated or not if I am not planning on working... At the time I almost died when he said, "Ali, it's only 15 months away, that'll go by fast!" I did not believe him, but now I really can't believe how fast it has gone by! I feel like I just moved up to Logan and started going to school and really, it was 3 years ago that I moved up here- that's NUTZ! Anyways, that is all that is on my calendar in the next little while that is worth talking about... Love Ya!