Tuesday, September 8, 2009

18 Months!!!

HOLY COW!!! I can't believe that we have been married for 18 Months today- it seriously feels like yesterday! Here is a list of 18 things that have changed since March 8, 2008...
  1. I turned 21.
  2. I changed my name to Alexandria Ann Siegfried Hyde- I know it's a mouthful!
  3. Andrew turned 23.
  4. Andrew turned 24.
  5. I cut my hair VERY short... didn't last very long
  6. I learned that the sound of Sports Announcers can make me cry depending on the day.
  7. Andrew observed his first live ballet class.
  8. We got a nice big kitchen table instead of TV trays pushed together.
  9. We learned that couples really start to look a like- we end up wearing the same color shirts a lot and we usually don't even notice it and then get teased by friends.
  10. We are both the RS and EQ Secretaries- apparently we appear to be organized people.
  11. Andrew declared his major as Business Administration.
  12. Andrew decided that he is going to do the MBA program at USU.
  13. I got my first ballet teaching job.
  14. We filed joint taxes for the first time as a couple- Thanks to Andrew's awesome dad!
  15. Andrew likes to fall asleep to movies like me- I knew I'd get him to like it!
  16. I know more about Sports Center than I ever wanted to know in my life!
  17. We celebrated our first Christmas as a married couple and put over 1,000 lights on our tree!
  18. We sent our little Wesley on a mission!
Thanks for the best 18 months of my life Sweetheart- I love you!