Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Drill State Competition & V- Day!

SO I know that I haven't blogged for a while, nothing to big has happen except for... HILLCREST DRILL SWEPT STATE!!! It was seriously AWESOME! I am so proud of Emily and for her determination to be the very best at everything that she does. I really do look up to her (literally and figuratively) because she is so put together and knows exactly what she wants and is so determined to get it, no matter the sacrifice! I love my sisters and little brother almost more than I love Hairspray. Ha Ha!
Fabulous Emily! (I can just feel her energy through the screen!)

So, we had a pre- V-Day party with some friends on Friday the 13th! It was really fun- here are some pictures. We ate Pizza, frosted cookies and played some games!

Our Valentine's Day Treats!

Yes, Andrew started eating his cookie BEFORE pictures- what was he thinking?

Jase and Whitney Larsen!

Kip and Alisha Jackson!

New Subject- Valentine's Day rocked! That morning we got to go to Cam Thomas and his cute wife Val's sealing in the Logan Temple. They have 2 adorable twin girls that got sealed to them and it was a really neat experience to be able to see. We are so happy for them! It was such a great way to start off our day. After the Temple I had to go straight to work. I had complained to Andrew for weeks telling him that I had to get flowers sent to work cause I'd be the only one without flowers, but he was being a bummy and kept saying they would just die and he'd rather just flush the money down the toilet- MEANY! But, he tricked me! I was SO surprised that he sent me flowers. He also brought me 3 cookies that he frosted himself from our party the night before, a Diet Coke and then he texted me and said that he put a pizza with bread sticks in my car because he knew I didn't get lunch. He really is so thoughtful and I never give him enough credit, but he's the bestest! That night after work my fabulous in-laws brought us some cute V-day treats. Then we went to a YUMMY dinner at Iron Gate Grill with our friends Jase and Whitney Larsen. THEN, we came home and opened gifts. I gave Andrew The DVD Family Feud Game because we've been watching the Game Show Network alot lately- Ha Ha! And I gave him the new movie The Rocker and we watched it that night. I was a little hesitant to watch it because when we saw it in the theaters Andrew was seriously like scream laughing and it was really embarrassing. He He! He is so sweet and gave me the 3rd Season of The Office and a gift certificate that he made himself to take me to Hamilton's because we couldn't go there for V-day like I demanded. ( I'm kinda a high- maintenance girl...)

The Flowers that my Love sent me (look at his cute little face in the picture!)

I wrote my card to Andrew Poo and he wrote mine to Pooper!

Kiss Kiss! (Oh, and Yes, my hair is SHORT SHORT SHORT!)

OH, and Valentine's Day was also our first date, So, Happy 2 Year Dating To Us!
This is the last thing I have to say. So, I am graduating with a degree in Family Finance in December this year and I am already freaking out that I am going to be an official adult! Anyways, people keep asking me what I am going to do with my degree, or at least what I could do, so here is a short video of what I will be doing as a Financial Counselor.