Friday, March 25, 2011

6 Months!!!

My O My! I guess we'll just make it a tradition that each month I will tell you all how fast time is flying around here! Jackson turned 6 months on March 21... Yes, we had a mini celebration... Yes, I did cry... And Yes, Jackson was fully aware about what was going on...(I like to think at least) Doughnuts and Sweet Potatoes- YuMmY! New Set of Balls! New Books! We love to read! I especially love it when Andrew reads to him. It is funny how differently a man and a woman read the same book. Andrew really does sound like a dad reading it, ya know, in a very... I don't even know how to describe it, but it is a total "dad" way of reading it and I love it. We read books every night before bed! (Thank you Border's for going Bankrupt, it really helped us celebrate Jackson's 1/2 b-day nicely!) 1 Week! 1 Month! 2 Months! 3 Months! 4 Months! 5 Months! 6 Months! I LOVE looking at these pictures because it really does show, not only how big he gets each month, but how everything changes. How his nice tan he was born with has slowely faded, how his face has gotten older and how much more aware of his surroundings he is. This time he was so interested in that ball and paper that it was hard to get him to look at the dang camera! Also, I am teaching Jackson a little sign language. I am teaching him MORE and ALL DONE for right now. He sometimes will kinda do MORE, but the other day he decided he just wanted to start talking instead... Watch! (This was having issues, so if it doesn't work, just believe me... or look on my FB)

He now has his M's down so now he is saying mamama all day long- it is SO dang cute! I can't imagine my life without him!

Now, one sentence that doesn't have to do with Jackson (kinda)...I have been pretty sick lately ;( The Dr thinks I have gallstones! I'm going in for an ultrasound on Monday and will let you know. If it is not gallstones then they think it is ulcers. When the Dr said all these things I told him that I am breastfeeding and he gave me this look like, "Why the heck are you doing that if your baby is 6 months..." Then he said, "Well, 6 months is a long time and most women don't even go that long so you might want to stop. If it is gallstones you'll need surgery and that'd be hard while you're breast feeding, and if it's ulcers the meds you'll have to be on aren't good while you are breast feeding and you'll have to stop." At this point I am bawling just thinking about stopping. I knew before I had Jackson that women "loved" breast feeding, but I never really understood it, obviously cause I had never done it. Now that I am, I love it SO much. I really really really DO NOT want to stop. I think that this Dr thought that I was nuts- but I really don't care. I don't even know him, I only went in cause my stomach pain was SO bad and I went to see the first Dr that I could.

How long did you guys breast feed your babies? And, when you stopped how did that go? I am almost praying that it is gallstones because if I am in the hospital for a day or two and can't, I can pump and I've got plenty of frozen milk that Jackson would be just fine... Anyways, pray that I don't have to stop, that's all I care about!


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Biker's Roadhouse!

SO, every year for our Anniversary we go to the Anniversary Inn. It is SO much fun and all of the rooms are way cute! This year for our Anniversary, Andrew was in London and I was lonely in Sandy, changing poopy diapers... ; ( So, we decided to go a few days late to celebrate. We stayed in the Biker's Roadhouse room this year. Andrew has wanted to stay in this one for a while so I surprised him with the room and he was so happy. Here are the pictures of our room...

This was the first time that I have left Jackson. I was very nervous about it, but I knew that he'd do just fine cause, let's face it... my baby rocks! Andrew's mom stayed with him, even though she had such a crazy day and was so tired, she was more than willing to take him for the night. It really was so good to be with just Andrew and spend time alone. I love Andrew more than anything and having him gone for 10 days was so hard, and I am SO grateful he is home!

Today is Jackson's First St. Patrick's Day! YaHoO! We gave him Green Eggs and Ham! No, not the food, the book! Ha Ha! He did try to eat it though, just like everything else near him.
See, trying to eat his book...

Here is some pictures of Andrew's trip to England. He started in Manchester, then Wales and ended up in London. He went with his MBA Program for a mini study abroad to visit some businesses over there. He felt real important going on an "international business trip." There were 4 different places that he could go to: China, Italy, England or Japan. And yes, you guessed it, I told him I would have gone to Japan (that's where my dad went on his mission). THANK THE LORD Andrew didn't go to Japan!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really would have died! The MBA kids that did go to Japan are home and safe and weren't near the disaster. Poor Japan, I feel extremely grateful that I am home, watching Seinfeld with my heating pad on my back blogging while my little niggets naps the afternoon away safe in his crib...

Hotel in Manchester- look how tiny the beds are and how close together they are!

In Wales: That sign is the name of the city- it is the longest name in the world!

Business Man!

Buckingham Palace!

Big Ben!

London Bridge!

Windsor Castle!


Consider yourself pinched REAL hard on the butt if you aren't wearing green today!


Sunday, March 6, 2011

Nothing too exciting...

Here is what we've been up to...

Poor Jackson got sick for the first time. Look at those sad red, watery eyes and little runny nose. I felt so bad, but really he is such an easy happy baby that it could have been a lot worse. I really am so lucky that he has only been sick this once- in 5 months I feel like I am pretty lucky...

5 Months Old on February 21... I won't even bother to scream TIME IS FLYING!!!

He is trying to sit up, he can sometimes if I get his legs spread just right and his belly position just right in the middle of his legs! I took a picture of him like this on my phone that is WAY cutter, but not great quality, but after I took it I set it as my background and the first time I really looked at it I cried cause I can't believe how old he is getting, like seriously it is crazy that my baby boy is eating all these foods and sitting up and o m g I just love him to death!

He all of a sudden loves to just throw his legs to the sky... so funny. If I do that for too long I'm pretty sure my legs would start shaking, but he just loves it!

Jackson loves green beans! He really is such a good eater and will eat all of his food and does SO good! I am so lucky!

He loves his squash too!

All the girls at Paige's shower! Paige, we are SO excited for this gorgeous baby girl that will be here shortly! It was so fun to throw this shower and see all of our friends from our old awesome 19th ward! I miss that ward so much...

Jackson and Emmett Rock- don't they look like they could at least be cousins? Emmett is SO dang cute- I really do hope Jackson turns out like him!

Sadly, Andrew's MBA Program does a mini study abroad over Spring Break and he is in England right now... for 10 FREAKING days! That is the longest we've ever ever ever been apart and I have been crying a lot. I am so clingy to him and always have been since day 1. On Tuesday, March 8 it will be our 3 year anniversary and he will be gone, I am so sad. I tried to pack Jackson with him, but then realized that Andrew isn't lactating so that plan didn't happen. Ha Ha!

Have a great week! LOVE YA!