Saturday, November 27, 2010

Jackson's First Turkey Day!

This year we went to Andrew's aunt Julia's house in Bear Lake for Thanksgiving- we had 46 people there so it was a lot of fun. I feel like Thanksgiving is supposed to be loud, wild and have tons of people there so I felt right at home. Jackson loved the turkey and mashed potatoes... Ya right- he didn't get any, but I ate some for him... ; )

I started this cute tradition when we got married,that every Thanksgiving "Turkey Tom" brings you a new shirt so that you look cute on Thanksgiving- Andrew really loves it... not.

My cute friend Shawna made Jackson THE CUTEST Thanksgiving Turkey shirt EVER!!! Jackson looked SO adorable for his first Thanksgiving!

Papa and Jackson!

Mama and Jackson!

All of these cute babies got to spend their first Thanksgivings together- how cute!

Jackson(2months) and his cousin McKay (10months)

All the babies oldest to youngest. I think it was 10, 6,5,4 and 2 months, but I might be wrong... All I know is Jackson weights as much as the tiny little girl next to us and I am pretty positive she is 4 months!

Hyde Cousins- Jackson, Dylan and McKay!

My cute Family!

My Little Turkey! Can you imagine your chubby cheeks just resting on your chest because you have no neck... SO cute!

Cheesy Bib, I know, but I thought it would be cute pictures for a second...
OF COURSE we watched football too! Andrew was holding Jackson and all the boys screamed at the TV and Jackson wasn't very happy about it. He didn 't cry, he just made a sad face... Am I a bad mom that I think his sad face is SO cute?!?

On Friday night we got to go to the Jazz- Lakers Game! It was a WAY good game! My mom was so sweet and sacrificed her ticket to stay home and watch Jackson! She said she would rather stay home with him than go to some dumb basketball game. She got him to drink his entire bottle (4oz), gave him a bath and when we got home he was such a happy little guy! My mom is so sweet!

I hope that all of you had a great Thanksgiving! This year I am especially grateful for my health. My cousin, Kalli, passed away a few weeks ago at the young age of 26 due to diabetes and complications because of it. I really have always been really pretty healthy and I will forever be grateful for it. I know Jackson might not be here if I wasn't and that thought just breaks my heart.

I also am more than grateful for Andrew this year. (great, I am already starting to cry and I haven't even written anything yet...) Andrew is doing his 2 year Master's program in 1 year AND working! I seriously can't imagine being as busy as he is with everything that he has going on. He has literally made my dreams come true by providing for our family so that I can be the stay at home mom that I have always wanted to be. I complain a lot and he is always so good to me and never complains back. He is so amazing and me and Jackson love him to pieces. Jackson loves staring at his Papa and it makes me so happy!


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Big Big Boy!

Time, please slow down, my baby boy is 2 MONTHS OLD NOW and I CAN NOT, repeat, CAN NOT believe it!!! I seriously feel like we just brought him home! I love him to death and hate being around family with him cause I never get to hold him and I miss him! I seriously am SO blessed that I get to stay home with Jackson- I know that it is not possible for everyone to be a stay at home mom, so I am really grateful that I get to. Here are 2 month pictures...




Here are his stats from his 2 month appointment...

Weight 12lbs 2 oz (68%)
Height 22.25 inches (28%)
Head 38.25cm (17%)

Short and Fat- just like I imagined... I am surprised he's not taller cause Andrew is so tall, but he's still really young and has pleanty of time to grow, grow, grow!

He had to get shots at his appointment... :( I really was stressing about it, but he did great. He only cried for 30 seconds and then he was fine. His little legs were sore that night and every time I touched them wrong he'd cry, which made me cry and I felt so bad. Seriously, how do you hold a baby without touching their legs, or pushing them up against you... I'd like to know...

Shots on his chubby little legs... ; (

We got THE MOST ADORABLE Thanksgiving shirt for Jackson, so be VERY excited to see pictures this next week... LOVE YA!

Thursday, November 11, 2010



This sweet smile is why I get nothing done all day...

How can having a newborn be hard when they are this cute?

I seriously love his smiles! (I think he looks like me as a baby in this picture...)

SO ADORABLE! I LOVE his Big Cheesy Grin!

This is right after he was choking and I was almost crying it scared me so bad- I guess I should be glad he wasn't too sad about it...

This last Sunday, November 7 we blessed Jackson. Andrew did such a great job and I am beyond grateful for all the worthy priesthood holders in our lives. After the blessing we had a great luncheon with lots of yummy food! Thanks to everyone who brought something- it was delicious!

My sister in law Amy made us a blessing blanket and so did my Grandma Siegfried so Jackson looked like a big snowball, but it was totally so cute! Both the blankets were awesome- I could no way make something like that!

Center pieces... each table had candy on it with the most adorable pictures of Jacks!

We had a great turn out and I am so happy everyone could make it!

Food, Food Food! We had TONZ of leftovers and I was SO stressed that we weren't going to have enough... I hate throwing parties and having to stress about the food.

All the Hydes...

All the Siegfrieds...

Jacks is now 11 lbs. 11 oz. Yes, he does have a muffin top. Yes, he does have the chubbiest thighs EVER. And Yes, I could just eat him up!!!


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

First Halloween!

We had a great Baby Proof Halloween this year!

First Halloween!

Grandma Siegfried got this cute hat at the Farmer's Market! Look how much happier he is in these pitures than the one above... babies really do love to be naked!

My Little Pumpkin Head!

Naturally, Jackson had to be a bear for Halloween because we called him Baby Bear before we named him!

Bear Hyde!

Bear Hunters and Bear!

Lion, Tiger and Bear... O MY!

Andrew Olson- 3 weeks, Olivia Larsen- 2 Weeks and Jackson- 5.5 Weeks! These other babies made me raelize how bald my little nugget is, and how tan his skin really is! Dang- I wish I was as tan as Jackson! He seriously looks like he got an awesome spray on tan! Ha Ha!

Jackson's First Day at Church- Oct. 31, 2010
He did really good... He slept the whole time, other than when I had to feed him (I feel special that I can now go in the MOTHER'S ONLY room! Ha Ha!)

So happy to go to church!

Jackson is 6 weeks today!!! HOLY COW! I LOVE my baby boy! Thanks to Baby Wise and mostly my Babywise Coach Magdalena he is sleeping 8 hours through the night. Let me re-type that so you all know it wasn't a typo... JACKSON IS SLEEPING 8 HOURS THROUGH THE NIGHT!!! So to answer the question that everyone asks, Yes, we are getting some sleep around here! Sorry- I am bragging about how FREAKING awesome Jacks is, but isn't that the job of a mother... to brag about their babies? If the mom doesn't brag about the baby then who will?!?