Monday, June 22, 2009

Here Come the Newleyweds!

So this last weekend my cousin got married! It was Such a great day- everything went really well. AND, the best part was the weather! How did they know months ago when they got engaged that June 19 would have no rain! They got really lucky because this weather has been ridiculous and I have hated every second of it because I feel like we are being cheated out of a warm summer!

So at the beginning of the day I got kinda camera happy and took a ton of pictures, but after I realized that I wasn't the wedding photographer I put my camera away and just enjoyed the day. ; ) Blakelee looked SO fabulous and I am SO excited for her and Mike and am a tiny bit jealous because being a Newlywed is AWESOME! (When are you no longer a newlywed? After the one year mark? Opinions please...)

Reigan, Emily, Chase, Me, McCall and Meggie waiting for the Newlyweds to come out of the Temple!!!

We look good! Ha Ha!


My Cute dad and Coleman!
Cole is starting to be more and more like our fabulous father!

"Here Comes the Bride!"

All the Ladies...

All the Silly Ladies...

Kiss Kiss!
Blake and Mike- thanks SO much for including us on your special day! We are SO happy for you guys and hope life is great! LOVE YA!

Things really have been so great lately. My internship is now half over and I am almost more sad about it than happy. I am really loving NNHC and have had such a great experience so far. I am praying that they will be able to hire me after the internship is over- this would be SUCH an awesome job! Life has still been busy, but has slowed down a lot now that our summer class has been out for a little bit. Andrew's 9-9 days are over and I couldn't be happier! He has been getting morning shifts which is nice cause I work 8-5 and then we get to hang out the rest of the night.

Our newest thing is being addicted to FRIENDS. Me and my sisters have been HUGE fans for as long as I can remember and whenever a new season came out on DVD we'd buy it and watch the whole thing in one day! We LOVED doing that together! Now I get to rewatch all of them again with Andrew! He loves it and will stay up til 2 or 3 in the morning finishing a disc. I always fall asleep, but it's ok cause I've seen all of them...

After being at my cousins wedding all weekend and being jealous of their stary eyes and being so in love I have decided that we need to act like Newlyweds 24-7. When you're first married nothing bothers you and you are ultra happy all the time and you just can't stand being away from each other. SO, I am now deciding to be a Newlywed For Life!

The start of our Marital Bliss!

Luncheon Love!

Cake Cuties!

Last thing... I just wanted to tell everyone how AWESOME my dad is! He is the best ever! He loves his family so much and works his tail off for them! He is such a Spiritual Giant, funny man, and great example! I just wanted to tell him that we appreciate all he does and couldn't do it without him!

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Our First Camping Trip!!!

Holy Cow! This weekend was SO much fun! We went camping with a bunch of our friends and had so much fun! I LOVE camping! When I was younger we used to go camping with my moms family every year for like a week and it was always SO much fun! I have so many fun memories of camping! I know that I don't seem like the type of girl to like to camp, but I really do love it! We went with Jase and Whitney Larsen, Cam and Taiya Brown, Cam and Val Thomas and their ADORABLE baby Colby, Kip and Alisha Jackson and Ben and Toph.

When we planned this whole trip last week it was easy as pie, but little did we know it would turn into a nightmare the day of. We all checked the weather for Friday and of course it was supposed to be a lightning storm- not the best weather for camping...

So, this is how our camping trip started...
2:00- Cinnamon Creek up in Paradise looked like it was going to be horrible, so fiasco starts...
2:30- now we decide that Logan canyon might be a better option...
3:00- trip is canceled, maybe go to Salt Lake and have dinner and go to a comedy club...
4:00- now we are going up the canyon to have tin foil dinners, but no sleep over...
5:00- now the Hyde's and the Larsen's are sleeping over, but no one else...
6:00- everyone meet at the church and go up Logan Canyon... The sky looked pretty clear, so the other couples decide to go back and get their camping stuff and meet us up their.

FINALLY we all got up to our cozy little spot near Camp Lomia and had so much fun! We got SO lucky because there were really dark clouds coming our way, but some how missed us. I think that while we were awake we had like a totally of 100 rain drops the whole time so we got really lucky. It did rain quite a bit during the night, but I had thermals, sweats, t-shirt, two sweatshirts and socks on, so I was fine. Andrew thought that was a bit much, but I didn't ever get hot so I thought that it was necessary.

...Team Huddle on how to build a fire...

Fire, Fire, Fire

Fire, Fire, Fire

All the boys feeling so successful!

Cute Campers!
(Look how long my hair is getting...kinda)

CraZy CamPerS!
Our tent! This is a different one from the one we set up in our house
because this one was only a little bit more and was double the size so I made Andrew
get a "Family Size" so we can use it longer. ;)

My Cutie Patootie!

Our First Camping Trip!

Thanks to everyone who brought food and did everything- we love you guys and are so lucky to have such great friends!

So one last thing, my cute sister in law FINALLY got a blog and I stole these off of her blog, but I just wanted to brag for a second about the cutest little boy in the entire world!!! I love Dylan SO much! I am SO lucky that I get to see him all the time! He has such a cute personality and is such a little boy! He is growing up so fast and I can't even believe it! Amy and Tyson are such great parents to him and have taught me so much through their great example. Enjoy Cute Dylan!

Doesn't he look SO dang cute! If they put him in modeling I think that
Tyson and Amy could retire already!

H looks SO old here!