Monday, November 28, 2011

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

100 Things You Don't Know About Me!

Before I tell you the 100 things you are dying to know about me, let me paint you a little picture...

So I saw this same post on my cute friend Anbre's blog and totally copied her. I started doing it and quickly became addicted to doing it one night. BAM! I had 25 of them without skipping a beat, just typing away... went to bed that night and kept thinking of good ones. Addiction starts. The next day, during nap time I sat down and BAM wrote 50 more! These ones were a little tougher, but it was so fun to think of things that I just kept going. Then, last night after I put Jackson to bed I was typing away and was on number 84 and BAM they all got erased! Let me say that agian... I was on number 84 AND THEY ALL GOT ERASED!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, I cried. No, actually, let's be honest, I bawled. I was SO mad! SO MAD! My blood was boiling! Seriously my hand slid across our touch pad and in half a second the whole post was highlighted and deleted! How does that happed?!? ANYWAY, I am going to get past it, not hold a grudge against this touch pad that I really want to pour honey all over or do something else really damaging to and write my list once more...

Without further ado...

1- I wish I had become a professional ballerina.
2- I have the best professional ballerina name- Alexandria Siegfried! Very European!
3- I loved performing and it was my very favorite part about dancing.
4- I wish I liked to read.
5- I don't understand girls who don't carry a purse... where is all their stuff?!?
6- Sometimes I think that someone should be following my family around with a videocamera... Keeping Up with The Siegfrieds! Drama drama drama!
7- I love writing in a planner and organizing things.
8- Since I have been planning Jackson's birthday party I have recently become obsessed with party planning blogs.
9- I wish I had a huge budget to plan parties all day long- so fun!
10- I am proud that I got my Bachelors degree in Family Finance and think that was a great major for me.
11- I have always loved saving money even as a kid. When I was like 14 I went to dance in Boston with Boston Ballet for 5 weeks. The typical cost is around $3-5,000 for a summer intensive program. I had saved up like $800 or so and did it all secretly. The night before I was going to Boston I came into my parents room with a little white tin full of all this cash! They had no idea why I was crying and they both thought that I was going to tell them I didn't want to go anymore. In no way did my parents need the money to help with the cost, I just wanted them to know how much I appreciated it. I felt so proud of myself!
12- My new biggest fear is having a huge disaster happen and not be able to get a hold of Andrew or my family. Seriously, just thinking about it makes me heart pound!
13- I am addicted to my phone- it is a real problem.
14- I think driving in the car and not talking on the phone is a huge waste of time.
15- I HATE HATE HATE milk.
16- I have thrown up twice just thinking about how much milk was in the last thing I had just eaten. One was a Kit Kat- why do they have to put MILK chocolate on the wrapper? And the other was gold fish... I ate a little bag in class one day at USU and after class was walking to the shuttle and all of a sudden barfed everywhere...
17- I am not a cheese fan either. I am ok with like pizza or nachos most of the time, but no way would ever ever ever put it on a sandwich or eat cheese and crackers.
18- I am weird about eating anything creamy or too cheesy. I have to have Diet Coke or a soda to drink with it cause I am positive that doesn't have milk in it.
19- I like falling asleep to the TV, but am ok not falling asleep to it too.
20- Me and Andrew have a goal of visiting all 50 states by our 50th Anniversary! We have been to Wyoming, Nevada, Washington D.C., Hawaii and California.
21- We also have a goal to see all the NFL teams play. NO, I do not like football, but I think going to the games are fun. We've seen the 49ers and the Broncos so far.
22- I love going camping.
23- If I had to go without milk, eggs and bread or hairspray for a month I'd go without milk, eggs and bread.
24- I will never mow the lawn. When me and Andrew were dating we got in an argument over who would mow the lawn. Not that he really wanted me to, but he said if it needed to be done that I would have to do it. Um, No. My dad doesn't even mow the lawn- or own a lawn mower, why the heck would I?!?
25- I am a Babywise fanatic. I don't understand how to be a mom without it.
26- On the same note- I have to have a schedule.
27- I love being the oldest. I used to hate it and always wished for an older sister, but now I love it.
28- I like leading the way and being an example to my siblings.
29- I feel like my siblings are my own children and I am a mean mama bear to anyone who is mean to them!
30- The older I get I realize that my sisters are truly my best friends. I have always loved them, but honestly I rather be with them than anyone in the entire world besides Andrew and Jackson ;)
31- I am SO happy I had a boy first. When we first found out we were having a boy I had to force myself to be excited, but honestly he is the best ever!
32- I would choose a live in chef over a live in maid.
33- I never really crave a home cooked meal like some people say they do. I'd eat out every meal if Andrew'd let me.
34- I used to want to be an FBI agent. I think this is cause my mom always wanted to be one and I thought it was kinda cool.
35- I love my maiden name and honestly had a hard time changing it. I kept Siegfried. My legal middle name is now Ann Siegfried.
36- People always have asked me if it is weird seeing my dad on TV or on the back of the phone books and stuff. Honestly, no. He's been on TV for as long as I can remember. When me and my sisters were little and we'd see my dad on the TV we'd run up to the TV and kiss it! I am so proud of him and all of his hard work.
37- I like to over help people. This is because of my mom. If she is asked to make someone in the ward dinner or something she'll make them dinner for a month. And bring muffins for breakfast and rolls with a meat and cheese platter for lunch too. She loves to overhelp people and I get it from her- thanks mom for your great example!
38- I don't think I will ever have short hair again. I tried it, liked it for a few days and then realized I look like Dora the Explorer.
39- I am stressed about getting old because Grandma's with long hair everyone thinks are weird, but I can't imagine cutting my hair!
40- I have found out, since having a child, that I am kinda selfish with my time.
41- I get jealous that my sister can go tanning, out to eat, to a movie or the mall whenever she wants and not have to worry about a child's schedule.
42- I love teaching, not just ballet. Actually ballet is kinda hard to teach because my students don't love it as much as me and don't have a passion for it like I do. I have taught a few financial classes and workshops and Relief Society lessons and really liked it. I am not great, or even good, but I do enjoy teaching.
43- I hardly ever wear my hair up. I don't like my hair in a pony tail.
44- I challenge myself to see how low I can listen to TV. Andrew listens to TV SO loud and I honestly have a hard time watching TV with him because the loudness gives me a stomach ache- literally.
45- I love buying people gifts and always want to buy them more and more.
46- Me and Andrew made a goal to go to the Temple once a month since we've been married and I am proud to say that we've kept it! That's a total of 43 times so far. It has helped us so much!
47- I can't wait to own a home.
48- I want to be the mom that all of Jackson's friends think is the coolest and they always want to come over to "Jackson's House" cause we'll have freshly baked cookies and awesome things for the kiddos to do!
49- I have a hard time telling time.
50- I get Right and Left mixed up all the time- even when I make my fingers in the L shape.
51- I am a bad speller (if you read my blog often you probably knew that one) and am always asking Andrew how to spell. And, he is the best and never calls me stupid or dumb.He is my little spelling bee.
52- I can't wait to have a dog! We want t bull dog named Hulk Hyde with a red collar!
53- My dream car would be a Black Range Rover with tinted windows.
54- I love to sneak up on people and scare them. I used to get my Grandma SO good- it was the best!
55- I grew up thinking that all generic brands were beyond horrible and that it was agains the Siegfried Law to buy them. I am starting to get better at buying some generic things, but it is a learning process.
56- I love to cry, it feel so good to me.
57- I cry about 3-4 times a week on average. If I am pregnant it is about 6-7 times a week.
58- The older I get, no matter what, if I see someone cry I cry. In movies or anything.
59- I have never seen any of the Star Wars, nor do I want to.
60- I hate even numbers.
61- I wish Andrew's birthday was on an "odd" date. Mine and Jackson's are.
62- My lucky number is 1 because I was born October 1, I was the first child and my name starts with the first letter of the alphabet.
63- I have a small birthmark on my right calf that is kinda white and when I was younger I used to think it was syrup and lick it for some reason.
64- I love doing my hair and make up.
65- Doing my hair and make up is the only time that I can let Jackson sit there and whine/cry/ grab onto my legs and pretend I can't hear him.
66- I love being short and having such a tall man. Andrew's a foot and 2 inches taller than me.
67- I really don't have "an embarrassing story" like most everyone does.
68- I hate the sound of air conditioning- especially in the car.
69- I think it is stupid not to stand up for yourself or loved ones.
70- I think I have a big nose.
71- I want laser hair removal from the neck down. HINT to Andrew for a Christmas Present please!
72- I don't get why there are so many sports channels and not one dance channel!
73- Me and Andrew are going to go on a mission together when our kid(s) grow up.
74- I think I should learn Spanish (because of #73), but would be too embarrassed to speak it.
75- I used to go days without drinking anything... I don't know why. I know, that's horrible.
76- One of my biggest pet peeves is when people are asked their birthdays and there response is, "April." AHHH!!! I want to say, "O really, WOW, the whole month is your birthday- that is SO cool!" Seriously, it is not that much more effort to say April 9 or whenever it is... SO ANNOYING!
77- I can't brush my teeth unless I wet my tooth brush, then tooth paste, then water again, I think it's nasty to not wet your tooth brush first.
78- It is hard for me to accept that other people have good life plans too. I can't see anything wrong with the way that I have mapped out my life, but when I think of others people's plans I really have to bite my tounge so that I don't offend anyone with my suggestions ;)
79- I wish that it was required for every American to take a Financial Literacy class.
80-I HATE clean hair- I need a few days of natural grease in it to have a fabulous hair day.
81- The future of America and the world scares me. I think I have a pretty great life and don't want it to change.
82- As a couple, me and Andrew drag our feet with making decisions and it really bothers me.
83- I used to wear mostly browns, now I am all black and love it.
84- I got my ears pierced when I was 12, they got insanely infected and I had to take them out and I gave up on ear rings til my stupid sisters BEGGED me to get them re-pierced in Spain when I was 18- so I did. And they are more than crooked, but what ya gonna do about it...
85- It stresses me out to wonder when we will have another kid and how many we will have. I don't like not knowing.
86- I've never broken a bone.
87- I used to not be a breakfast person, but now, if I don't eat breakfast I feel sick.
88- I have never "flown by the seat of my pants." I don't think I could ever do that. That doesn't seam fun to me, it seams irresponsible.
89- I love making lists. It relaxes me.
90- I can NOT lie. I rather get in trouble or have someone mad at me because I honestly can not lie.
91- I love my big hair. Really, I do.
92- I have been compaired to Angela from The Office on more than one occasion.
93- I could watch re-runs of Friends, Seinfeld and The Office all day long. Saying that makes me feel like I am cheating on McDreamy because I LOVE Grey's Anatomy too, but you can't really watch re-runs of a drama series like you can a comedy.
94- One of my biggest pet peeves is when people only give 50%. Like, why not do it perfect the first time and not waste time having to do it again cause you didn't do it good enough the first time?
95- I love a good corn dawg... don't lie- you do too.
96- If I got to change life's with someone for a day it would be President Monson. I'd love to see what he does all day and how awesome it would be to be led by the Spirit in all that you do.
97- Call me crazy, but I love Facebook- I check it like it's my job.
98- I don't trust other drivers. I am the worsed back seat driver and I don't even care that it is annoying- the driver has my life in their hands!
99- Along with #98, I love using my car horn. When I pass cars I put my hand over the horn, just in case I need to use it ;)
100- I still know every word to every Nsync song- no shame, AT ALL!

TA-DAAA!!! I finished! Yay me!

Hope you enjoyed it and still want to be my friend after you know all my secrets ;)


Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Circus is in Town!

Jackson turned one... wow, that was the fastest year of my life! I threw Jackson a Circus themed party and it was SO much fun! It was fun to plan, fun to make all the decorations and stuff and fun to actually throw the big bash! It really was way fun because it gave me something to do and look forward to for a few weeks- heaven knows I need things to do and look forward to. We are so grateful for everyone that came and spoiled Jackson- just like he should be! I love spoiling my little man!

We also got 1 year pictures done of him a week or so before the party and they couldn't have turned out more perfect! My talented cousin Blakelee did them and did such a good job!

Enjoy the MILLIONS of pictures!

We had a TAKE A GUESS game to guess how many m&m's were in the jar and Tyson won with the closest guess!

Monthly Pictures!

We displayed just about a million pictures of little man...

Rainbow Cupcakes!

Fruit Kabobs!


Lots of Yummy food!

The Candy Table!

Circus Snack Table!

SO many presents!

Opening Presents!

Giving Livi a ride on Jackson's new toy! SO CUTE!

The Cake!

Blowing out Candles!

He likes to smell things... including His cake!

Rianbow cake!

Love these clowns!

It was SUCH a fun party and we are SO grateful for everyone that came and brought awesome gifts!

I'll post ALL of his ADORABLE pictures next... this post was already long enough! Ha!


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

12 Months!!!

What in the world. My little man is 1 today! 1 Year Old! SO sad, but so fun! He is such a good baby and always has a smile on his face! He is not feeling his best today, so our photo shoot didn't didn't go very well, but we tried...

This is how our shoot started... not happy!

Then Meggie walked in the room and he got a little happier... He loves Meggie!

Then, to make his little cheeks stay in the chair he needed a brush to brush his hair- isn't everyone happier when they are brushing their hair ;)

And this is how we ended...

-I have kinda stop keeping track of all of his new foods because he really can eat whatever he wants and usually eats a lot of what we are eating... including chocolate!
-This month though Jackson has turned into quite the cuddle bug! I am LOVING this! He will want me to hold him and then just lay his head on my chest while I continue doing whatever I am doing- it is SO stinking cute! We've all been kinda sick lately and that has made the cuddling extra good because we just lay on the couch and watch Tom and Jerry and he loves it! I don't normally just let him sit there and watch TV, but since he's been sick I will do whatever he wants.
-He stands all by himself, no steps yet, but standing like a champ!
-He walks along things now and realy fast, it is so cute!
-He got HIs very first fever over 100... 102.1 to be exact! I felt so bad cause he seriously felt like he had been soaking in a hot tub for hours!
-We took him to his first fair and he ate some Funnel Cake and road the carousel! He liked it, but got a little nervous- maybe cause his 5 ft. mother could barely hold on to Him when the horse was going up- ha ha!

And, I am done breast feeding today. Weird! I have loved it so much and am beyond grateful that I have been able to do it for a whole year. It has been a huge comitment and I honestly didn't know that I'd love it this much, and didn't understand it when women said that they loved it so much and had a hard time stopping, but it totally is that way! Jackson has been so good and so easy to nurse- thanks buddy!

Any tips/advice to the extra-hormonal me? I have been going crazy with hormones and have an emotional break down just about every day- it's been real fun. Don't feel bad for me, feel bad for Andrew and Jackson- I think they both want me to move out! Ha! Sorry, this is kinda TMI, but I love getting advice from everyone who've gone through the same thing.

We got 1 year pics and here is a sneak peak... more, LOTS more to come later!


Monday, September 12, 2011

Cabo Celebrity!

Better Late than Never...Well our vacation was absolutely fabulous! We had such a great time and it was SO great being with my family for an entire week just relaxing by the pool! I was a little nervous about taking Jackson to Mexico at 10.5 months old, but I must have forgotten how unbelievably easy of a baby he is because he did awesome! Beyond awesome! Seiously he could not have been better! He slept on both plane rides, he took great naps during the day, he ate like a king and slept through the night every night... in a pack-n-play! (He's not a huge fan of pack-n-plays-I don't blame him!) I guess being at the pool about 10 hours a day wears him out!

So, you might be wondering why I say Cabo Celebrity- here is why...

Every day we'd wake up and go to the breakfast buffet- yum!

The workers would say...HOLA JACKSON!

I am not kidding EVERY single person that set eyes on my little man came running to get a glimps up close- like he was a celeb... HOLA JACKSON every 5 minutes!

HOLA MY BABY! (Yes, they called him "their" baby)

The workers/ waitresses all knew him by name and kept rubbing his beautiful bald head like it would give them good luck or something...


When Jackson would be taking a nap and I'd be at lunch with my sisters they'd ask me where my baby was, they missed him...


There was one girl, Nora, and this older lady who was vacationing from San Fran saw us coming down the hall, they both started drooling over him and then started arguing over who Jackson likes the best...

It was seriously crazy how every person would just come up to us and start touching him and tell me how cute he was and what a good baby he was- obviously I couldn't agree more! I guess they don't get too many babies at the resort.

Anyways, here are a lot, no... A FREAKING TON of pictures that might make you want to book your trip to Mexico right now!

At the airport- 8-7-2010

Maybe it is a Siegfried thing, but we believe it is mandatory to get a Cinnabon before you get on the plane no matter what, so naturally Grandpa Ned gave some to Jackson... I think it is obvious what he thought of it.

Love these ladies! Meg wasn't feeling her best so Andrew got this wheelchair for her and pushed her through the airport- what a sweet man I have!

Here we go!

Sleeping on the Plane!

Just arriving at Riu Palace!


Just arriving at Riu Palace!

One of the days we decided to go on a fishing trip. It sounded like it'd be awesome. In the boat they had a place where Jackson could take a nap and everything... well, it did not go so well. Cole started feeling way sick, then Andrew did (they Hyde's get way bad motion sickness) and then I kinda did. As soon as we got on the boat Jackson fell asleep on my chest so I just sat there in this chair and it got SO hot so we decided to go out and get some fresh air. All of a sudden poor baby Jackson's stomach started kinda jumping and then be barfed all over! It was so sad. I started crying cause I felt so bad and then he started crying. So, we told Pedro to take us back and we were done! Meg, my dad and our friends Masude and Julie went back out cause they were feeling fine, but they didn't get one bite from the fish in all 5 hours! I was SO happy we didn't stay with them!
About to go Fishing!

Sleeping on the boat!

And most of the days we just hung out by the pool and played by the beach! Jackson is such a water baby and could be in the water all day long!

Dancing on the beach! Me and Emily always take dance pictures on the beach!

Going out to dinner!

Clapping for the Mariachi Band!

One of the days we got to go Parasailing! It was SO awesome! Again, I was nervous to take Jackson, but he did awesome on the boat- and no one got sick!

We could not have asked for a better vacation! Jackson was perfect! It was SO nice to be able to relax and have my whole family there to help with Jackson- many hands make light work is totally true with a baby!

Sorry this took SOOO long!

Love Ya!

P.S.- My kid is going to be one in 9 days... what?!?!?