Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Jackson Andrew Hyde

No time to talk, just pictures today!

We are SO SO SO in love with this little man! I'll tell the birth story and have more pictures later... Thanks for everyone's prayers and text, sorry if I never texted back, life has been totally crazy! LOVE YOU!

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Here is how my Saturday night went incase anyone was wondering...


They just stopped... HOLY CRAP is this annoying/ exciting/ scary/ frustrating/ overwhelming... After an hour we called Labor and Delivery and they said I could come in, or wait til they got worse and closer. I told them maybe I'd wait a little longer and then come if they were still coming on strong. I was seriously shaking uncontrollably. Ya know when you are shivering because you are SO freezing, that is what I was doing times 10! It was insane!

The whole time I've been pregnant me and my sister Emily have joked (but were totally serious) that when I was going into labor that she was going to come over and curl my hair all cute and big. SO, around 1:00am I called her BAWLING and she ran over- so sweet Em! As we were curling my hair and trying to distract me is when the contractions STOPPED... So, it's 2:00 in the morning, I'm lookng fabulous and have no contractions. Emily is exhausted and Andrew is passed out on the bed... All night I kept thinking those dang contractions would come back or my water would break, but NO! I had the worst night sleep because I was really trying to stay awake...

And, incase anyone is wondering what is going on now at the Hyde house, it is about the same... every 5 minutes, but not as intense as last night. I don't know what to do... I just want to have this baby RIGHT NOW!!!

Wish us luck! Love Ya!

P.S.- I am 39 weeks today- YAHOO!

Monday, September 6, 2010

These past few weeks...

Well here we are, 8 months pregnant and ready to POP... literally! I can't imagine getting any bigger, but some how I do. Some how every Dr's appointment the scale keeps climbing higher and higher- what a confidence booster! Man Alive am I ready to be done! At my 36 week appointment I was dialated 1 cm. and 70% effaced. Yahoo! So, I have pretty much given up on an October baby, but that is ok because now we'll have 3 birthday months in a row!

August 30- Andrew
September ?- Baby Bear
October 1- Me!

Did you guys start dialating and effacing at 36 weeks? Just wondering what the norm is, but everyone is SO different I don't think there is a norm...

So I am still teaching ballet and it is so good for me. It is good to still feel involved, get a little bit of exercise and I really do still love it so much. Last week I made Emily take some pictures of me just because I am a dork and just to remember that I could still do a few things being 35 weeks pregnant.

Splits! (Sorry this pic won't flip!)



Andrew turned 25! Yep, he's a quarter centery- what an old guy! I can't even explain how much I love him and how amazing he is to me. I really am not kidding- he NEVER EVER complains! He is always happy! Normal, I hate people that are always happy because I think that as a human you get mad, angry, frustrated, stressed, blah blah blah, but no- he doesn't. He always has things the way they need to be and everything works out so great. I couldn't have married a better man and I truly feel bad for everyone else cause no one else gets to be married to him but me!

Yes, this is the pathetic cake I made him... I have so much more respect for the ladies with the hair nets at the grocery store who decorate the cakes- this was super hard and it looks super not so good!


We didn't do anything too spectacular because I had ballet til later, it was pooring rain that day and I was just to dang tired! I got us Firehouse to go and we ate a fabulous dinner and then watched Date Night- one of his presents. We LOVE that show- it is seriously our favorite show!

I also got myself a rocking chair/ glider. I am in love with it! I seriously can't tell you how awesome it is! Sitting in one for 2 minutes in the store is great, but sitting in one for fifteen minutes at home just about puts me to sleep it is so relaxing! I think it is a for sure must for any mom! Andrew was not too thrilled with this prchase, but I have found him multiple times rocking away in the nursery because I know he loves it too- even if he won't admit it.

For Labor Day weekend my mom's side of the family rented out this cabin/lodge/ big open building thing up Logan Canyon at Camp Lomia. It was such a great weekend with everyone- I love having nothing planned, tons of food and family and games to play- we really did have so much fun!

For Sunday we had our own little meeting. My musical Aunt Julee did the music, my spiritual giant of a father did a little lesson and my grandpa did a great job conducting the whole thing and it was so great. We had a mini testimony meeting and it was really great. I love my family and am so grateful for the gospel in our lives.

This was the only part of the trip that I HATED, not hated, but HATED!!! We decided to drive up to Old Ephraim's Grave. Old Ephraim was like the world's largest bear and was buried up Logan Canyon. The reason that I hated this was because the road that we had to drive on was EXTREMELY bUmPy and EXTREMELY nArRoW! I don't do well with bumpy and narrow rides because it makes me nervous that our car will tip over or something. SO, adding the pregnancy too it made the trip even worse! And, when someone tells you that it is "just about 10 miles" you don't think that it will take AN HOUR to get there! Seriously every bump hurt my bump and it really was painful to try and hold my belly while we were going over such horrible roads! I cried a little bit on the way up, had a few contractions and complained the entire time. On the way home I didn't cry, I BAWLED my eyes out, had some very real contractions and made sure that everyone knew how much I hated the entire experinece! I'm just a real treat aren't I... ; )

Don't let these smiles fool you- I was in pain...

We also did SMORES- my favorite! My cousin Blakelee had THE BEST idea to use Reese's Peanut Butter Cups instead of chocolate- it was SO yummy! You have to try it!

It wouldn't be a normal Ripley Camping Weekend without a few campfire songs. Wonderfuly talented Julee had tons of songs to sing that brought back so many fun memories of camping when we were just little ones. Thanks Julee!

Singing songs and playing games!

I LOVE my family more than anything and really am so blessed to have them in my life!

Here is my last really great story... So you might know that I am a little superstitious. I am a littlestitious as Michael Scott would say. On June 6 I got a fortune cookie that said,

"Remember three months from this date. Good things are in store for you."

SO, three months is today- September 6... LABOR DAY! Seriously if I have this baby today (I'm sure I won't) I might have to change my religion to the Fortune Cookie Church of Truth!

I'll keep you guys informed on my progress with the pregnancy- I go back in to the Dr on Wednesday and I am SO excited to see how much more I am dialated and everything! And yes, our bags are packed and we're ready to go!