Thursday, October 29, 2009

My Motivation

So I don't know where I got this. . .I want to take credit for it, but you know how when you are writing a paper or something and all of a sudden your writing starts sounding a lot like the research you just did- some how it seeps into your brain and you don't know how or where it came from. . . Anyways, I've had this thought for the past week or so and it has litterally changed my life (at least for this last week) so I thought that it was worthy of a post. . .

My thought is. . .
What can I do today to make tomorrow an easier day?
Now, I know that you have probably all heard of a quote like this and are laughing that I think that I might of made this up, but seriously the way that it has changed my life I could care less.
It has motivated me to not procastinate for even a few hours- and then after I get my task or chore done I feel so much accomplishment. . .I think that is what I love the most about it!
FOR EXAMPLE... I do my laundry on Sunday- I know this is not the best day to do my laundry, but it literally is the only day that I am home long enough to get it done. So, putting the laundy in the washer is easy, switching it to the dryer is easy, putting the second batch in the washer is easy, but when the first batch is done drying and is ready to be folded...this to me is like death! I HATE HATE HATE folding laundry and putting it away! I hate it so much that I have left clothes in the dryer til the next Sunday just because I didn't want to fold them! (This has only happened a few times... I think!)
So, when that does happen how horrible is that next Sunday when I have double the amount to fold! So, this last week I decided that as soon as I heard the dryer beep at me I was going to fold it and put it away! I almost died at how AMAZING I felt when I did this. I seriously had to sit there and think about why I was feeling so good and it was because I had just made my tomorrow easier! Not only was it going to be easier because I wouldn't have to fold laundry, but I woldn't have the guilt weighting on me that I never folded that dumb batch of laundry!
I really love my new out look on life and hope that this helps at least one person! Please try this and see how you feel. . .
I promise you won't be mad at yourself for being more on top of things!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Families Can Be Together Forever...

So about a month or so ago my grandparents celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary! What an accomplishment! It was a great day! We went to eat at the Copper Mill, then went to their house and had a photographer come and do family pictures! I really don't think that that side of the family has ever done family pictures, so we were definitely over due for some pictures! We got lots of cute pictures and my aunts had a bouquet for my grandma that was like hers 50 years ago and had a cake made that was exactly like the one they had 50 years ago. It was really cute! And, it was so fun to watch my grandma throw her bouquet!


The Whole Family minus Rip's family ; (

All the cousins minus Rippie and Olivia

Boys and Grandpa

Girls and Grandpa

Girls & Grandma

Siegfried Family

Siegfried Kids

Siegfried Sisters

Cutting the Cake

Bouquet Toss
I really am so blessed to have such a great family! Whenever we get together it is SO much fun and so wild and so loud and so crazy, but we always have the best time! Love You Guys!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Long Time No Blog

So I know it's been a long time since I posted last, but I'm blaming that one on my little sister Emily because I let her borrow my camera for homecoming, then left for Logan and forgot that she still had it... Well, I have it now and will be better. Here are a few pictures of Emily at Jordan High's Homecoming. She looked SO beautiful and her dress was SO SO SO cute!

All the Sisters, aka Slaves for the Day!

Grandma Moby and Emily

Emily and Taylor

A few weeks ago me and Andrew got to baby sit our favorite nephew Dylan! I have to call him my favorite while I can cause we've got another one on the way and will greet us with his presence in January! Yahoo! Amy and Tyson make beautiful babies!

THEN, I had a birthday! October is a pretty busy month for the first few days with my family...
Oct. 1- My birthday
Oct. 2- Coleman's birthday
Oct. 3- My Parents Anniversary
Oct. 4- My uncle Val's birthday and my childhood Bestest Friend Whitney Waltman's birthday!

Ever since Emily borrowed my camera it has been acting funny and
that is why this picture is blurry.
I love sharing my birthday cake with Coleman! This is the only picture that is ok to be blurry cause it looks like we are actually blowing out our candles!
(Coleman looks like Chloe to me in this picture!)

Birthday Twins!

Cole got a new bike for his birthday so he got a helmet too!
Lookin' Good Buddy!
As you noticed Andrew wasn't in any of these birthday pictures... Sad I know. It's cause these were actually the day before my birthday. I went down to Salt Lake for my friend Aubrey's wedding that was on my birthday, but my family wanted me to come down the night before. So, on my actual birthday I got my hair redone, went to Aubrey's wedding,

went to lunch with Lindsey Knudsen (thanks Lindsey! I wish we lived closer!) then came back to Logan to celebrate with Andrew! He is SO sweet! He got me so much stuff, but I only got a picture of my favorite...

MY OWN SNUGGIE! Even better, it is the Wild Side Zebra Snuggie! Andrew is such a dork and I laughed SO hard when I opened up the blanket with sleeves! Ha Ha!

AND, he baked me a cake! Not just any cake- a double layered cake! I've never even done that! He is so great!

And when he started putting candles on he asked me if we really had to put 22 on there, but he stopped at 3 beause he thought that was enough... I can't wait to see how many I get next year...

Thanks for everyone who texted me Happy Birthday on my B-day! I tried to text people back, but then couldn't remember who I did and who I didn't, so sorry if I didn't text back... and even more sorry if I texted Thank You to anyone twice... Love Ya!