Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Nine is SO Fine!

First off, we moved. Second, we moved. And lastly, WE MOVED! We moved to Midvale- yahoo! We are SO happy! It is SO nice to be close to my family again, but we are VERY VERY VERY sad to leave Logan. When I first moved to Logan I never thought in a million years that Logan would feel so much like home to me, but after 5 years of being there I guess Logan was my home. We will miss our friends and mostly our family that are still in Logan, but I promise we'll be back to visit very often! I bet you are wondering why I said Nine is SO Fine... Well, here is a list of 9 changes in our lives since last post...

1.) Wes and Raegen got married! We are SO happy to have Raegen in our family- they are such a cute couple and wish them the best!
Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Hyde!

At the Temple!

Hyde Cousins!

At the Reception!

Jackson even took a nap at the reception- yay!

2.) Andrew finished his last classes FOREVER! Yes, he gradutaed in May, but he had 2 summer classes from May 16- June 10 that he had to finish. We had a little pizza party for him that was way fun. Everyone kept saying, "Congrats!" And I kept saying, "Thanks!" Cause I feel like I just got done with school too! It has been SO hard having Andrew do his Masters, but we are so happy that we stuck it out and did it!

Leyla Palmer (12 weeks), Olivia Larsen (7 Months), Jackson (8 Months) and McKay (17 Months)

Love Birds!


The Hydes!

Thanks for coming everyone!

3.)Jackson started and ended swimming lessons. Michael Phelps, watch your back... you've been warned!

4.)Andrew got a new job! We were sad to have him leave Al's- it's been such a good job and they've been so good to him while he's had such a crazy school schedule. Thanks Kris and Jase! Andrew is going to be working for my dad for a little bit until his job with the Jazz KFAN Radio opens up- we are extremely grateful for this opportunity. Thanks Papa Ned!
5.)We left Aggie Village! So bitter sweet. We've been there since we got married in 2008- crazy we've never moved before this.
6.)Jackson got a stomach virus! He had the r u n s for 2 weeks! Like pooping 3-4 times in 2 hours! SO sad! NO appetite. NO fun, and most surprisingly NO diaper rash! I was VERY quick to change that stank butt asap! That would have just been the cherry on top! I think he was just trying to get ready for swim suit season by dropping a few lbs...
7.)We moved.
8.) We moved.
9.) And, we moved.

MAN ALIVE we have a lot of stuff! The lady at U-haul told us that we only needed a 17ft. truck for a standard 2 bedroom apartment... um, not correct at all. We got the 26 ft. truck "just incase" and we filled it to the brim! I am SO happy we got the bigger truck. Even though our truck broke down twice and put us behind schedule like 4 hours, our move was as good as it could have been! Thanks a million times over to everyone who helped us- we could NOT have done it without you!

This is how we lived for a while- - - no fun!

Nine is also SO fine because, yes, you guessed it- JACKSON IS 9 MONTHS OLD TODAY!!! (I told you it was good that he gets a month older each month or there would not be an update right now...)
This is how the photo shoot started- tragic... life has been a bit tragic to Jackson lately... almost every little thing he goes into a full on cry and then about 5 seconds later he is all smiles... what a fun phase we are going through!

This Month Jackson has...
~Sprouted a new tooth! That makes 2 for this kid now. He has marked his territory by chewing on his crib and made a few little bite marks! Arghh! Makes me so mad- his crib is the nicest furniture in our house!
~He can pull him self from laying down to sitting up. I know, I know, he is a little physically behind, but I hear that once they start crawling your hands are REALLY full, so I am enjoying the not crawling as long as I can- I'm sure he'll be at least crawling by Kindergarten, right?
~He now say 5 sounds... MaMa DaDa BaBa NaNa and his new sound as of a few days ago is YaYa!
~Along with all the sounds, he can now put 2 together... mostly it is MaMaBaBaBa and now it is DaDaYaYaYa- SO DANG CUTE!
~Because of the above mentioned Stomach Virus we haven't tried too many new foods this month, but we have tried the little puff disolveable cereal looking things, Club Crackers, wheat biter biscuit cookies, rice and Diet Coke! HA HA HA! Not- he can't have that stuff til... um, he graduates Kindergarten! Ha Ha! I am SO funny!

~I've noticed if he gets really into a toy (or piece of garbage he finds on the floor) he puts it in one hand, shakes it, switches hands, shakes it, switches hands, shakes it... for a real long time! It is so cute! I tried to get him on video doing it, but he was being camera shy. It is so funny!
~He dropped a nap! Man this threw me for a loop, but it was a good change. Now he takes 2 hour and a half naps and sleeps from 9:00pm-8:00am. I am SO blessed! Thank you Babywise!
~His bootylicious booty is now in size 4 diapers. We had a few "wake up in the middle of nights soaked in pee" nights and decided we needed to make the switch. I hate when you switch sizes and still have a whole case from Sam's Club left over of the small size... o well...

Father's Day 2011- - - Andrew, you are the best! We love you more than anything! Thank you for all of the sacrifices that you make for us and for providing such a great life so that I can stay home with Jackson. LOVE YOU!

This is the game we play all day... I lay Jackson on the floor and jump over the top of him and he laughs, laughs, laughs! (I am in the air in this picture- talented huh? Jumping, making a baby laugh and taking a picture all at once- and, with pointed toes!)

Well, that is all I can think of now. It's hard to think when those unpacked boxes on my kitchen table are giving me the stink eye.

I promise I will try to update sooner than July 21 (10 Months Old), but no promises!