Saturday, February 19, 2011

Valentine's Day Treat!

This V-day was a little different than most... low key, I guess we would call it, but it was great! Take out and sweats- my kind of night!

This is Jackson's cute V-day shirt... this lasted about 2 hours before he pooped all over it... typical!

For Valentine's we decided to give Jackson a little treat... RICE CEREAL! He loved it (I think)! If you notice in the next few pictures he wouldn't take his eyes off of the bowl, ha ha!

So the Bumbo is working great, but Mr Thunder Thighs might not fit into it much longer, so I've been looking at high chairs online. I found a great one that holds up to 250 pounds... WHY IN THE HECK does a high chair need to hold 250 pounds? If Jackson is ever 250 pounds he better be taller than his 6'4" father or else... ha ha!
Anyways, do any of you wise, experienced mom's have a high chair they love? tips? suggestions? Any advice would be great!


I got Andrew this shirt for Father's Day this last June... So nice of Andrew to share his gift with Jackson... HOP ON POP! I LOVE these two little butt nuggets! Jackson loves Andrew SO much and Andrew can get him to calm down when he's sad, laugh SO hard and they are so cute together. I am SO happy we had a boy cause their cute bond is heart warming!

My boy loves getting naked (a common theme for babies). I had to post this picture because his onesies always get stuck on his head... So please tell me why his head is in the 13%... I don't get it. It's not like it keeps me up at night thinking about it, I just think it's weird!

Jackson will be 5 Months on Monday the 21st and my o my I can't believe that I've had him in my life for only 5 months. I really can't imagine my life without him. I was looking at pictures the other day from 2008 and 2009 and thinking to myself, "Wow, what a life we had... get up and go whenever and do wahtever and come home whenever and not worry about bath time, bed time, story time, tummy time... how many wet and dirty diapers someone has had, how many minutes someone has eaten... and the list goes on." It's almost weird to imagine what a carefree life I used to live and how the only person I had to plan around was myself. I LOVE my new life as a mother and seriously wouldn't trade it for anything! Motherhood is such a blessing and I am grateful to be a mama!

P.S.- Jackson is kinda sick right now, cough, choking on his mucusy crap in his throat, runny nose- SO sad! Pray for my little nugget to not get croup like the Dr said it might turn into... and that I won't get an ulcer worrying about it. . .

Have a great week! LOVE YA!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Jackson, Jackson, Jackson!

While we were in St. George last weekend I had my cute cusin Mandy take some pictures of Jackson. Man alive did they turn out cute- how could they not, right? Thanks again Mandy!

I love my little man...

I hope you all enjoyed these pictures as much as I do... Love Ya!