Monday, September 29, 2008

Baby Dylan

Every Sunday we are blessed to go to Andrew’s parent’s house for dinner, so we get one good meal a week thanks to his fantastic parents! I love going over to eat and hang out but mostly to see our nephew Dylan. Dylan is Andrew’s older brother Tyson and Amy’s son. Amy has taught me so much and knows everything about babies. She knows what they can and can not eat, so hopefully they still live close to us when I have a baby cause she is such a good mom to Dylan. He seriously is the cutest little boy in the worlds with so much personality. He is 10ish months old and had started getting teeth and on Sunday he started chewing on the brick fireplace! AHHH, that just makes my teeth hurt thinking about it! Anyways, I took some pictures of him on my new camera that my fabulous parents gave me for my early birthday present, so enjoy the cuteness!


This is what he should be chewing on, not the Brick Fireplace...OUCH!!!

He is such a happy baby, it is so fun to be with him! Look at his cute outfit!

Amy was feeding him those Baby Goldfish and I thought this one was kinda funny. ;)

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Taiya and Cam said...

He really is such a cutie! I still can't get over how much he looks like a HYDE! Can't wait till we have kids:)