Friday, August 28, 2009

Thanks for the NIghtmares...NOT!

I have a great story for everyone, for me, it was terrifying, but Andrew got a good laugh about it after the fact, so I thought I'd share. This story will serve two purposes 1- making my friends laugh at me and 2- to let everyone know what they CAN and CAN NOT put on their blogs... SO this nightmare of mine happened because my cute friend Brekke put a picture of a Bat on her blog that she found outside of her apartment- YIKES!!! After stalking her blog a few times to see her cute little boy the bat really started to bother me. Last August (2008) a week before we went to Jackson Hole I had two nightmares in a row that I woke up screaming about Bats attacking me! Well, you can kind of guess what happens next... Yes, I had a horrible nightmare about another bat attacking me! Here is how the horrible nightmare went....

I was in my bathroom doing my hair and in my dream above the door their was a hole in the wall that an air conditioning vent was supposed to be on, but it was missing in the dream so I could look out and see the ceiling light in the hallway. So, while I was doing my hair I looked at the whole in the wall and saw that the light was full of rats, rabits, bugs and yes... A BAT! This bat was so mean and scary looking and kept trying to get into the bathroom with me! So, in my dream I got Andrew on the phone and was SCREAMING for him to get home and kill these animals! In my dream he was at my fabulous friend Crystals apartment a few down from ours helping them move furniture, but said he'd come right home. So, while I am combating these bugs and bats, the rabits and rats were eating away at the light fixtures in the hall and there were sparks going everywhere!

At this point I was sitting up in bed and freaking out that bugs, bats, rabits and rats were attacking me! Andrew was like, "Babe, you're ok, lay back down, it's ok..." Now, I knew that I was having a dream, but I was like half a sleep and half awake, so I kept asking Andrew, "What would you do to get rid of the bats and rabits? How would you kill them?" Again, he answered, "Babe, you're ok, lay back down, it's ok..." I kept asking him and asking him, but I guess eventually just fell back asleep. Because I knew I was half a sleep and half awake I really did want him to answer me and tell me what he would have done, so I could of finished out my dream and have him do whatever he would have done to get rid of these monsters! He could have saved me a lot of grief if he would have just told me he'd shoot them because then in my dream I would have had my knight in shinning armor return from Crystals house and get his gun and kill those horrible animals!

Man, this was a bad night and all because of a little picture! SO, I hope that everyone that reads this will not post pictures of the following if you care for me at all...


If you must post those grotesque pictures please do what Crystal did and give me a little preview of what is coming before I scroll down and see the picture- Thanks Crystal for the heads up so I didn't see the big spider!

Enjoy my Nightmare!


crystal said...

hahahah, oh Ali!!! You are killing me. Fist of all, I'm kind of glad that in your dream Andrew was helping us move furniture because that means that we were moving which really means that Taylor was finally done with school!

Second, I had no idea that you were so terrified of rabbits. I totally understand the whole bugs and rats thin, but rabbits? They're the cuddliest things on the planet.

And, I'm glad that you got the heads up about the spider on my blog. I was wondering if it would upset certain viewers, but it upset me for crying out loud! So I just had to share

Ostler said...

Well, bad news. I saw a bat one time outside our apartment.( it was on the light!!!) I screamed. A lot. A lot a lot. And Erik tried to tell me it wasn't a bat. It was. He lied. But I think I scared the crap out of it, and it told all of its friends, so... I don't think there will be any bats here anytime soon! :) Don't worry. All ya gots to do is SCREAM!!! However, this plan will not work on spiders. They thrive on our screams.

Kip & Alisha said...

Oh man! That was pretty funny! I'll remember not to post any pictures of those things in the future. :)

The Searle Family said...

Haha, Ali, you make me laugh. Im sorry that my bat story triggered your bad dream!! I sure do miss you, you are one funny girl.