Sunday, November 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Grandma!

So my mom's mom just had her 70th Birthday! So exciting! My Grandma told my aunt Sundee that she had been "craving skating" lately and that she wants to go for her birthday! When I heard that we were going skating for her birthday I told everyone that I was leaving as soon as Grandma put her skates on, but she ended up having some helpers so I was able to stay the whole time! Ha Ha! Here are so great pictures of us skating it up!

-Porter, Heather, Emily and Stacy-
-Present Time-

-Em and Me-

-Meg and Grandma while Grandpa puts on Grandma's skates!-

-Meg and Em getting their blades on-

-Slow and Steady-

-Almost Falling Down!-

-We're Good!-

-Snowball with my Husband-

-Family Fun-

-Em, me, Carson, Brynn, Meg and STRANGER-
(This little girl kept getting on our little train and it was SO funny!)

-Looking Good Girls-

-Skating Sweethearts-
So I guess having a skating party is fun when you are 7 or 70! Ha Ha! We love you so much Grandma and are so happy that we got to spend the day with you!


Jennica and Jordan said...

I love the snowball with your precious. Well you tell andrew it is real and that he was on ellen doing it so search that in you tube. He also sings tons of other songs that are all female vocalists....freaky. haha hope you guys are doing well!

crystal said...

oh wow, I guess I haven't been "craving skating" since my 9th birthday party. Hahah, your grandma is too funny. I'm glad she didn't break a hip or anything traumatic like that.

Lithie Rock said...

Oh how fun!!!! i love family events. you have the cutest little family ever!! Time to start adding to your family tree (wink wink) oh i cant wait for you to be a mom you will be soooo cute prego and you will love it!
I havent been ice skating since i was like 12, dude your granny really knows how to have some fun. miss youuuuuu. XOXOXO

tyson and ashley said...

Looks like so much fun!!! I want to go ice skating... I haven't been forever!! Maybe we should all go sometime!! :) You have such a cute family!