Sunday, August 22, 2010

End of Summer

We have tried to make the best of our last month of summer and have done a few fun things... Here are some pictures!

Went to the Cache Valley Fair and Rodeo ( I don't know why this picture has spots all over it, we took 2 different pictures in this cow barn and they were being so weird!)

Playing some softball...

Then, this last weekend we went up to Bear Lake with the Hyde Family. It really was so much fun! We went out to dinner...

Hung out with the smilliest little guy ever, Baby McKay!

All the boys watched Football, of course!

Threw some rocks...

Played with our toes...

Stayed up late playing games!

Got ready for the Lake- Dylan and Andrew are so cute together!

I seriously look like a whale in this picture!

We also have got our nursery "ready!" I say "ready" because the decorations that we have up are kind of temparary because I don't love them and because I want to hang newborn pictures of the baby up, but obviously can't do that yet. And, I want to hang his name either abouve the crib or above the curtains and since we don't have a name yet, we can't do that either... But, at least everything else that matters is ready! I LOVE our furniture and everything!


Bedding from Pottery Barn

Dresser and Hutch!

Cute Changing Table that we mainly got to put these cute PB Baskets on for more storage space...


And, the best part- our diaper bags! Mine is SO freaking cute and I love love love it! I got the Michael Jordan one for Andrew's Car Diaper Bag- he thought it was pretty cool ;)

Lately, not just because I eat everything that I see or that pops into my mind, but because soon we will have a newborn- we have been making midnight trips to get slurpees, shakes and frostys- O WAIT, last night Wendy's RAN OUT OF FROSTY'S!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME! I was seriously angry! Anyways, that is why I am getting so big, but really we've got to live up our freedom while we can!

What else should we do while we can? Any suggestions? LOVE YA!


Crystal said...

GO TO THE MOVIES!!! Seriously, Taylor and I have been to 2 movies since Hazel was born. Most of the time we just have to wait until they come out on Netflix. In fact, for our anniversary tomorrow we are leaving the babe so we can go see Inception.

I love your nursery. I LOVE the Hutch especially. Oh this little guy is going to be so cute, I can't wait!

Jed and Kera said...

EVERYTHING.... seriously it is so hard to do anything when you have a baby. Go to the temple as much as you can. That is the hardest one (it's an hour away now) because I freak out when we leave Dalton and in the temple you can't take your phone. When we go on dates other places I have my phone's ringer as loud as it goes and I keep it near me. Go to the movies too. You won't feel like leaving him for 2 hours for a LONG time.
Don't get me wrong, I still am on a "baby high" from having Dalton, but there are so many things that are just plan hard to do with a baby.

Taiya and Cam said...

Your nursery looks SO cute! I love the bedding, crib and all! So funny that you got Andrew a MJ bag, I'll probably have to do something similar for Cam when we have a baby too! haha

Magdalena said...

Yay for nursery! It feels so good when that's done. I have no suggestions as to 'livin it up before baby' for you friend because between Hawaii and a frosty I think that covers it, don't you? :) The love you feel in your home after that baby comes is crazy and the work involved will make you a stronger adult/mother. Love every single minute.

Brady and Christi said...

It looks like you've been having lots of fun! You look so cute pregnant! He is going to be here before you know it! The nursery is super cute! See ya in a couple days! :)

Whit said...

hi ali! i'm glad i ran across your blog today. your nursery is really so cute! you're getting so close!