Sunday, September 19, 2010


Here is how my Saturday night went incase anyone was wondering...


They just stopped... HOLY CRAP is this annoying/ exciting/ scary/ frustrating/ overwhelming... After an hour we called Labor and Delivery and they said I could come in, or wait til they got worse and closer. I told them maybe I'd wait a little longer and then come if they were still coming on strong. I was seriously shaking uncontrollably. Ya know when you are shivering because you are SO freezing, that is what I was doing times 10! It was insane!

The whole time I've been pregnant me and my sister Emily have joked (but were totally serious) that when I was going into labor that she was going to come over and curl my hair all cute and big. SO, around 1:00am I called her BAWLING and she ran over- so sweet Em! As we were curling my hair and trying to distract me is when the contractions STOPPED... So, it's 2:00 in the morning, I'm lookng fabulous and have no contractions. Emily is exhausted and Andrew is passed out on the bed... All night I kept thinking those dang contractions would come back or my water would break, but NO! I had the worst night sleep because I was really trying to stay awake...

And, incase anyone is wondering what is going on now at the Hyde house, it is about the same... every 5 minutes, but not as intense as last night. I don't know what to do... I just want to have this baby RIGHT NOW!!!

Wish us luck! Love Ya!

P.S.- I am 39 weeks today- YAHOO!


Ostler said...

Oh, Ali!It's coming! Then before you know it, you will hold that sweet little boy in your arms, and your whole heart will melt, and you will wonder how you have ever loved something so much you're going to burst everywhere... You'll just be so in love you can't even see straight. It's coming, and I can't wait to see this darling boy! And, I'm coming to Logan soon to visit, and can't wait to MEET this beautiful babe! YAHOO!!! I'll be thinking of you... :) And, just so you know- my "contractions" before I went to the hospital were SOOOO light. I refused to even call them contractions because they just felt like a little cramp in my lower back. Then a few hours later, my water broke. So, who knows??? It could happen ANY TIME!!!

Lithie said...

OMG!!!! ALi hang in there he is coming anytime!!! i am like going to check your blog EVERYDAY this week to see! awwww that is really funny and annoying and crazy and WOW!

so like seriously you have to post something everyday! even if its... "no baby yet" or whatever.

how exciting! and that is so sweet of ur sis em to come dazzle you up! seriously talk about high-maintenance lol! only you can be getting all done up while you are having painful contractions.... haha oh i miss you girl.
cant wait! enjoy the hospital and being spoiled. I am like seriously over joyed for you and andrew and this special occasion. it is such an amazing thing to experience, the miracle of birth and all. YAY! love you and good luck. i cant wait to hear how it goes!

paige and jord said...

ali im sooo excited for you. baby is coming so soon!! yay!! i cant wait to hear all about it, so please keep us updated! good luck with everything girl. love ya!

Crystal said...

ok ali, this is awesome! It's funny because when we saw you guys walk out of your house last night, Amanda and I had a little conversation that went something like this

A: "maybe they're going to the hospital"

C:"yeah right, she looks way too cute to be going to the hospital, did you see her hair?"

A: "yeah, but she is totally going to be one of those girls that gives birth and then looks great immediately afterwards"

C: "you're right; her hospital pictures are going to look fabulous"

And it's true! You WERE close to having a baby and you really DID do your hair!

I can hardly wait, he's almost here!

Just an FYI, I'll be out of town for a week and half starting on thursday... so if you have him while I'm gone I will bring you some dinner as soon as I get back. Good luck!

Magdalena said...

You know my advice friend, I need not repeat :)