Sunday, August 21, 2011

11 Months Old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No No NO! NO, my baby is NOT 11 months old! What?!?!!?! I have 30 days til I have a 1 year old! I really can NOT believe it! Like for real this last year has gone by SO fast it is unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jackson is the best baby still and this month has been quite a big month...
-Jackson went out of the country for the first time.
-Went on a plane and was unbelievable.
-He got a tooth on top, making our teeth count to 3 total.
-You went to Bear Lake for the first time.
-You went to Primary for the first time (we got called to be Primary teachers, CTR 4 so Jackson gets to go with us).
-You tried lots of new foods: pumpkin bread, ham,pancakes (he ate 2 of them this morning- he LOVES them), syrup, watermelon, pineapple, apricot, nectarine, BBQ chicken (I look over at my dad and Jackson's got BBQ sauce all over his face and my dad said that Jackson was staring at his buffalo wing pretty hard so he gave him some... um, ok), 7-Up (somebody (aunt Meg) thought that it was just Chloe's water), strawberry smoothy (somebody (Andrew) didn't even noticed that he grabbed the straw), pickle, blueberry muffin, Cafe Rio rice and tortilla from mama's burrito, 4 Cheese Pasta from Cheesecake Factory and White Grape Juice!

I know, you don't have to rub it in- he looks old, he sure is FREAKING cute though!!! LOVE MY BOY!!!!

Things this guy does on command...
-Snap! Yes, I said Snap! He taught himself how! He makes a snapping sound and everything!
-Give Kisses (almost everytime) with a big wide open mouth and yes, I love it! Jackson was ready and willingly giving kisses the other day while we were out to dinner and Andrew said, "OK, stop making out with your son- we're in public!" How mean! Um, NO, I am not going to pass up the opportunity to get a kiss from my baby, like I said before time is literally flying and before I know it Jackson will be on his mission and I will look back at this time and cry!
-Brush His hair... I mean, brush his beautiful bald head! If I hand him a brush he knows exactly what to do!
-"Come Here!" I feel like I have a puppy sometimes because I say, "Come here!" and slap my leg and make him follow me into the next room, ha ha!
-Touch his head! I say, "Jackson, where's your head?" and he grabs his head so prefectly!
-Show me His tounge!
-Dance! It is SO cute! Almost anytime that he hears music he starts rocking His head and body! Our song is Super Bass by Nicki Minaj and he says BOOM BOOM BOOM and it is SO freaking cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am still working on my Mexico post, it was an awesome trip so just you wait!
Love Ya!


Crystal said...

he can snap??? That's hilarious. I still have a hard time snapping... just kidding.

I love that you smooch all over your kid too. I go crazy with the lip kisses from Hazel. I have a friend who is so "grossed out" by kissing her kids on the lips and thinks it's so inappropriate. I, however, think it's one of the best things about having your own kid; you can finally kiss them on the lips!

Lauren and Carter said...

I really can't snap, so way to go Jackson! :) He is too cute.

The Pearce People said...

I don't think Jackson is really 11 months old, there is no way are babies have been here for almost a year!! I love the 7 up thing, haha. When we visited my grandma is PA she decided it was a good idea for Emmett to eat ice cream, luckily he didn't like it!

paige and jord said...

that baby can snap?!? what the heck. thats hilarious. maybe i need to see that IN PERSON. jord keeps saying "we need to get together with the hyde's". hello! i know!! lets make it happen!!!
ps. you saved my life with the camilia stuff.. seriously, it works like a charm! thanks girl. love ya!