Tuesday, October 14, 2008


SO I've kind of ignored my blog these last few weeks...ok, probably days, but whatever. I have been working a ton and school is finally catching up with me and the semester is really half way through! That really flew by! Andrew has been playing in a flag football league these last few weeks and I went to his game last night and I swear they scored every other play- it was SO cool! AND, it snowed yesterday! OK, it only did for like 10 minutes, actually it was mostly on Sunday, but when we woke up on Monday morning there was snow and I ran down and turned the heat on cause it was SO freaking cold in our house! Anyway, it made me feel like Christmas with the snow and just the whole day felt like Christmas and it made me SO excited for Christmas!!!

Andrew is the QB for his team!

There team is called the Local Boyz cause they are all from Logan!

The back of Andrew's shirt says Borat- that should make Papa Ned happy. ;)

Our first Snow picture!!! Ha Ha!

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