Sunday, November 2, 2008


So where did October go? I feel like time has been literally FLYING past me and I don't realize that it is almost Thanksgiving and Christmas! And, the best part- this semester is coming to a close. I actually have really like this semester and have not been as busy as I have in other semesters. I, like everyone else have just been working and going to school, nothing to exciting. Andrew has been really busy too with his church calling (E.Q. Secretary), work and school, oh, and ME! Ha Ha! So here are a few pictures of what we have been up to... carving pumpkins, MAKING my Pocahontas costume- Andrew was Jon Smith, not a Home Teacher like his bully friends said!, and CUTE CUTE Dylan! Amy dressed him up as a Scarecrow! It was seriously the most adorable thing ever and it was even cutter cause she wore that costume when she was a baby! AHHH... I'm not baby hungry at all, don't worry! ;)

This is after we carved our cute pumpkins!

Andrew's Creepy Spider!

My Pumpi Umpi Umpkin!

Pocahontas and John Smith!

CUTE Scarecrow Dylan!


crystal said...

Ali, your costume turned out great! I'm still so impressed that you actually made it. And I definitely think the leggings were a good addition.

P.S. Andrew's pirate hat totally looks like a colonial hat, good job :)

Jed and Kera said...

Looks like you had a great Halloween! You two look great! We've been surprised about how fast time is going...even with being icky the last couple months. It's ok to be baby just gotta work on the hubby and I know how that goes! :O)

tyson and ashley said...

So cute! I loved your costumes! You are quite the little sewer! Our party was a lot of fun! We all need to get together more often! =)

Tyler and Emily said...

Cute costume! I can't believe you made it!

Kellee Smith said...

oh my gosh you guys could not be more cute. Kudos on the pumpkin Andrew. Very impressed!