Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas Break

So I decided that I should post one last time before school starts and I really get busy. I can't believe that Christmas Break is over! ;( It went by SO fast and all the projects that I wanted to do didn't even get touched. Oh well, me and Andrew got to spend a lot of time together and that was the bestest ever! We still had to work, but it was nice to be able to come home and not have to work on a paper or anything and just to be able to watch Christmas movies and sleep in and be lazy- I love being lazy! SO catching up from Christmas... This Christmas was 1000 times more exciting for me because we got to put up our own tree, start our own traditions and everything. Since we went to my parents for Christmas we decided that on Christmas Eve that would be our Christmas. We woke up that morning and pretended like it was Christmas morning- Santa even got our letter and came early! We had a fantastic breakfast- Egg Ocean (or German Pancakes) and Sausage- Egg Biscuits that were really really good! Santa did such a good job this year! I got everything that I asked for- I got 4 pair of shoes and 2 slippers! I hope that Andrew did too! He got a subscription to ESPN Magazine, DVD's, clothes and The Perfect Push-Up! After we opened all of our presents and stuff ate breakfast we loaded up the car and drove down to Sandy. Christmas with my family is fun cause we get new pajamas every year and this year I picked them out and got them all matching and SO cute! Coleman was pretty excited to be matching with Andrew. ;) My parents are taking all of us to Disneyland for Spring Break, our Anniversary and Emily's Drill Nationals, so that was our big gift from them. My mom has also been working SO hard for the past few months on these AMAZING 72 hour kits- they have SO much stuff in them it is unreal and the backpack is seriously almost bigger than me! It has like a tent, 2 sleeping bags, food, clothes, first aid kits, flash lights, batteries, mace, radios, medicines, Kleenexes, wipes and TONZ of stuff that if we every were in a scary situation we'd be set! So that was cool. Then we came back up to Logan and exchanged gifts with Andrew's parents. They were supper generous and got us a Wii which we've been playing and I must say that I rock at Bowling- I totally killed Andrew 151-170! Not just by a little bit, by 19 points! Yahoo!!! They gave us games for the Wii, this FABULOUS picture of the Salt Lake Temple that I wanted the second I saw it! I really almost died when I saw it cause it has red leafs on the front of it- my wedding color- it is kind of a vintage feel- like most of my wedding pictures- and it has a big beautiful frame that I LOVE! We really were SO spoiled this Christmas! I hope that everyone else had a GREAT Christmas too!


Ostler said...

Ali, I totally LOVE your furry slipper shoes! They are so cute!!!

Ryan and Leah said...

So I remember you said you found our blog like forever ago, so I found yours through Crystals! I learned so much about you . . . I had no idea you were a ballerina! So cool! Ryan got a wii for his birthday in October, we'll have to get together for wii night sometime.