Saturday, January 24, 2009

Drill Time!

So I know that I suck at blogging lately, but nothing to exciting is happening except for my little sister Emily's on Hillcrest Drill and they ROCK! I seriously feel like I am in High School because I talk to Emily everyday and want to know everything about Drill because she is so into it that I have to be too! Ha Ha! On Tuesday we went down to Brighton to Region and Hillcrest did so amazing it was RIDICULOUS- that is not the only thing that was ridiculous, but we're not going to talk about that...GRRR... I am SO proud of Emily and I seriously am ridiculously her biggest fan! I am SO excited to go to State this next Friday! GO HD!!! Here are so AWESOME pictures from region...

This is their Kick routine that freaking ROCKS!!! It seriously is SO good- and YES, that is my FABULOUS sister with her leg higher than anyone next to her... ;)

This is their Dance Routine that is FANTASTIC! It's too bad they have to dumb their dance down cause the judges don't recognize AMAZING dancing... This is their fouette section that would knock your socks off if you saw it!
This is their military that took first in Region- YAHOO! It's totally untouchable! Emily is the one on the floor- ripping her hips apart-in the second row- YIKES!
Gotta Love those Drill Faces! Emily is standing in the second row...
FEISTY LADIES! Emily looks like she is going to seriously hurt someone!

This is all of us supporting our little Drill Sister Emily kick butt!!!

Andrew loves Drill!

I Love Chloe'!!!

After Region was over we went to Cheese Cake Factory- YUMMY!!!


tyson and ashley said...

So awesome! I love their military costumes! Waaaayyy better than the ones we had to wear! I could watch military and kick routines all day long! So cool!

betsy b said...

listen...if you're comment-deprived. you just have to say so! in other just have to tell me that you updated (since you kind of rarely do!)

love you.

GO HILLCREST! woot woot

i'm glad you were so supportive when i was in it too.

betsy b said...

duh...the reason i really came to comment is that you WENT TO VIRGINIA! you'll have to tell HMO all about it! yay for your good guessing skills!

---ali, remember when you went to ballet camp all summer in virginia and left me home?

that was a hard summer.

Tyler and Emily said...

what a supportive sister! I got totally into drill too when Bets was in it. I can not believe how grown up Emily is. She has definitely changed the most since I watched Cole and Chloe- she is BEAUTIFUL!!

Greg and Sarah said...

Ali! How are you? Your hair looks cute short! Anyway, Greg and I have a blog, and I added you as my friend. :) it's I hope everything is going good! Take care of my Becca!!!