Monday, March 9, 2009


Holy Cow- I can NOT believe that we have already been married for a WHOLE year! I know everyone says that it goes by so fast, but I feel like I remember everything from our wedding day like it was last year- or at least I think I do. It really kinda makes me sad cause now it's not exciting to tell people how long we've been married, but if you say like 9 months or 10 months you still get asked, "How's married life?" I hated being asked that, cause of course you say it's fabulous, but still, it kinda makes me sad. We've had such a fantastic year though! One thing that I am proud of is one goal that we made as soon as we got married. We made a goal to go to the Temple every month and we've kept it. I know that that has made us grow as a couple and stay strong and faithful and I strongly suggest this goal to everyone! Since we've been married I have learned so much about myself and about Andrew and marriage in general. I do agree that marriage is work. I mean, by all means it is 1000% better than dating and driving home every night at like 2:00AM and wishing you were together on Christmas and every other benefit in the book, but I love being married more than anyone! I love being able to take care of Andrew and have him take care of me- he is SO SO SO good to me and I love him more than I seriously thought was possible!
OK, so on to the actual anniversary... We spent a night at the Anniversary Inn in the Rich's Drive Inn Room.
The whole theme was awesome! The wallpaper was like a sunset and there were little stars on the ceiling like you were really at a Drive Inn!
You can kinda see in the back of the truck the HUGE flat sceeen that was So great to watch The Office on... and of course Sports Center, aka, my husban's life support!This bed was unbelievably comfortable and we slept SO SO SO great!

This is the cute kitchen area! The Soda machine really worked and was SO great to have!
HUGE TUB! We saved the top of our wedding cake and brought it to eat at our anniversary inn room. It was ok- it really did taste fine, but because it was a year old we both felt weird about it so we only each had two bites. I know that it looks like a lot more than two bites, but we tried to eat half of it at our six month anniversary. Andrew seriously couldn't be happier to have more freezer space- EVERY single time he even looks into the freezer he complains about the cake- meany!
Last year we spent our first night at the Anniversary Inn in Salt Lake in the Jungle Safari Room which was also awesome!
We are going to stay here every anniversary in a different room every time.
Since the traditional gift of the first anniversary is paper (who thought of these?) I made this cute thing I made on the internet ( thanks to Lindsey Knudsen for the great idea! It really turned out so cute and looks great on our end table! And Andrew is So creative and gave me the fourth season of The Office. I mean, of course it makes sense because Dunder Mifflin makes paper! Ha Ha! He's So cute! He also gave me a heating pad because mine kinda blew up on V-day. I really haven't slept as good without it cause I sleep with one every night cause it makes me So warm. Ok, this has been the longest post of my life, but I wanted to hurry and get our anniversary post in before we left for... DISNEYLAND!!! We'll tell Mickey HI for everyone!

This picture of my cute brother and dad was from the Jazz -Celtics game and I just wanted to show everyone how cute my little Coleman is- Love Ya Buddy!

This picture is of my one and only Dylan! Me and Andrew put these cute pink glasses on him the other day and he is So dang cute I can't believe it! Amy is So lucky that she gets to be with him everyday! He is 15 months now and I can't believe it! AND, he said his first word the other day.. he said... MOUSE! I think it's cause he wants to go with me and Andrew to see Mickey Mouse!
OK, I'm done! Thanks for creepin' on my blog! ;)


Linds K. said...

Ali! That is so fun! It looked like it turned out great! I cannot believe we have been married a year! I am kinda sad too :) But I will still ask you how married life it... Love ya

Kip & Alisha said...

I can't believe you guys have been married for a year! That's crazy! Looks like you had a blast at the Anniversary Inn!

Whitney and Jase Larsen said...

Congrats! We will miss you guys when you are gone! Bring us something good back... :)

crystal said...

Ok, that drive-in room looked so fun! I think Taylor and I might have to check it out once baby girl has taken up a new place of residence instead of inside my body... hahaha.

I think we saved our cake for a month and then threw it out. I'm impressed yours lasted a whole year with the roses still attached and everything.

I also can't believe how young Andrew looks in your honeymoon picture. Maybe it's the lack of facial hair, or maybe he just got real mature in the year since you were married... I think that's it.

I hope you have a great spring break in Disneyland. I'm so jealous that you're going to be somewhere warm while I'm stuck here in the snow just waiting for a baby to decide to come. Enjoy all the sights, smells, and tastes of Disneyland. Eat a monte cristo sandwich at the Blue Bayou for me!

The Searle Family said...

Congratulations on your one year!! That room was awesome!! Love you and miss you. Have fun in Disneyland

Jed and Kera said...

Ali! Happy Anniversary! The Anniversary Inn is so fun! We stayed in the Boise one on our first anniversary! I think it was the South Pacific one. Jed surprised me with it! Anyway Have SOOOO much fun in the SUN! ALSO I'm now addicted to the website that you used for your anniversary gift! I've made two now for my sister-in-law! SO Cute!! OH and we did the "paper" anniversary too! I think it's so fun to follow the traditions!

Lithie Rock said...

yay for love!!! Happy one year girl! we had a blast too at the INN! i love the goal you guys set as a couple! what a great example you are!
oh man your room looked off the hook. i cant wait for next year b/c we're going to stay there again too. we bought the bounce back special to stay in any suite for only like $100! cool huh.
oh and we saved our cake too but we were so full from everything else we never even touched it.
at least you got to taste yours lol haha we were too chicken to try it. Maybe next month.

i cant believe its been a year either! have to much fun at disneyland for us! say hi to mickey! we'll see ya when you get back :) CONGRATS!!!! you are right marriage really does rock!
oh and i am impressed that you did the traditional one year gift. so cool, way creative :)

Ryan and Leah said...

Happy Anniversary (late)! Looks like so much fun.

We have stayed there every year but this one, and although most of the themes rooms can get a little cheesy, they're a blast, and I definitely want to try out the drive-in room. Was that in Logan?

I have a strange affinity for drive-in movies, so that would be right up our alley! (pun intended)

betsy b said...

LOVE the room!