Friday, March 20, 2009

...A Whole New World...

Spring Break ROCKED! We got to go to Disneyland with my family. We kinda killed 3 birds with one stone; we went there for our 1 Year Anniversary, For my sister Emily's Drill Nationals and... FUN! We left on March 11 and sadly came home on March 15. It was a lot of fun to just be away from school, work and everything. It was SO nice to be with Andrew 24-7 because with both of our busy schedules I feel like we are hardly ever together. So, here are a million pictures to help me narrate the whole trip!
So we start the trip off with our suitcases, of course! Andrew's suitcase is obviously the TINY one on the left, and mine is the BIG HUGE GIGANTIC one on the right- don't worry, I let Andrew carry mine for me and he let me carry his ;)

I was a little shocked that the Airlines had to put the HEAVY ticket on my suitcase- who knew that 7 pairs of shoes would add up so much!

Here we come California!

I didn't ride this ride because someone had to wait with Chloe' and Cole...

This is Andrew after the ride- he pooped his pants!

Mickey Love!
Family Time!

Best Sisters!

Just outside of the Soarin' Over California- we rode this ride SO many times!

The Fam inside Indian Jones!

Chloe' and the BESTEST dad in the world on Thunder Mountain!
Meggie and Coleman on Thunder Mountain!
PROOF that Andrew's tongue can touch his nose!

We went on the new Toy Story ride in California Adventure- it was really fun!I was Player 2- I had to let Andrew win because I didn't want him to be upset he lost in The Happiest Place On EARTH!
Funny Hats!Funny Hats!

About to get wet on the Grizzly River Run!

For dinner one night we went to Andrew's version of the Celestial Kingdom- The ESPN ZONE! There were 165 TVs in this one building, with, you guessed it- SPORTS! I think this is my version of Outer Darkness... Ha Ha!
The food was really good, but we had an hour wait (normally I would NEVER wait that long, but I really though Andrew would break down and cry if we didn't eat here!) While we waited we played in the arcade on the top of the restaurant!
This is me, Meg, Andrew and Coleman on the ToWeR oF tErRoR! This was BY FAR my new favorite ride! Even after riding it like 5 times I still got nervous!
Another tOwEr Of TeRrOr pic!
Look how cute we are! Emily was still in Utah with her Drill Team, so she missed this candid moment- Sorry Em!

Cute Ears Ladies!
My Solo Shot!
We got a picture with Minnie herself! Space Mountain! Yes, that is my Hero Husband being a dork in the back, then me and Chloe' (terrified is the word I would describe her face) and Meg and Cole in the front (Cole looks like he's going to crash into another space ship!)
I know this is blurry, but it looks So cute I think!The clear one is not as cute, but oh well...

...So that was the end of Disneyland...
On Saturday (March 14) we were at the Drill Nationals all day! It was SO much fun and Andrew is the best husband for enduring 10 hours of Drill!

And the winners are... HILLCREST HIGH!!!
Need I say more... Look how many stinkin' trophies they got!
Our Little Champ!
Emily's Fan Club!
On the Bus on the way home at 11:30PM- I just love Emily!

Last picture from Spring Break 2009!We really did have so much fun and are so lucky that we got to be there with our family. I can't wait to see how much our life will change by next Spring Break! Here is a list of a few changes that will come...
1- I will be a COLLEGE GRADUATE!
2- We will be married for a whole 2 years!
3-Andrew will be almost done with his Bachelors in Business Administration
4- Elder Wesley Hyde will have been out for 20 months and almost home to grace us with his presence!
5- There might be, hopefeully, wish on my lucky stars, praying every single night, have a baby on the way!
Thanks for reading!


Tyler and Emily said...

baby on the way by next spring break?!?! wahooooo!! You'll be the best mommy. I love the suitcase picture, so classic.

crystal said...

oh your picture at the top of the page is really cute, I'd almost forgotten what you look like with long hair. I really am so jealous of your disneyland trip, it IS the happiest place on earth and the Tower of Terror really IS terrifying. I think I was near death after I stepped off the ride. I'm still nominating Andrew for best husband award for sitting through hours and hours of dance competition. I really think Taylor would have gouged his eyes out if I made him do something like that... hahaha. Thanks for your nice texts, I'll let you know if I need anything once baby comes.

betsy b said...

you aren't even baby hungry, you are baby famished after a lifetime fast.
but i can't wait to be it's godmother.

spring break looked like sooooo much fun! yay! i loved that you posted a million pics. i'm sure that took FOREVER.

oh my gosh your hair is sooo short. i LOVE it. you're almost there...just take it back to third grade! haha but i really do like it a lot.

love you!

The Whites said...

Looks like you guys had such a fun time! Greg has never been to Disneyland before, it will be fun to go with him. We all need to get together again soon because we will be leaving again soon!

Karly & Greg Palmer said...

That last comment was supposed to be from me (Karly) I was accidently signed into my sisters blog :)

Greg and Sarah said...

you are so lucky you got to go to disneyland! i love your hair short! you two look so cute together. i hope everything in logan is going good! xoxo

Jessica&Kristofer Driggers said...

Hey ALI!! i randomly found you through a friend. haha. how are you? your blog is adorable. i hope all is well..Love ya, JESS