Sunday, October 4, 2009

Long Time No Blog

So I know it's been a long time since I posted last, but I'm blaming that one on my little sister Emily because I let her borrow my camera for homecoming, then left for Logan and forgot that she still had it... Well, I have it now and will be better. Here are a few pictures of Emily at Jordan High's Homecoming. She looked SO beautiful and her dress was SO SO SO cute!

All the Sisters, aka Slaves for the Day!

Grandma Moby and Emily

Emily and Taylor

A few weeks ago me and Andrew got to baby sit our favorite nephew Dylan! I have to call him my favorite while I can cause we've got another one on the way and will greet us with his presence in January! Yahoo! Amy and Tyson make beautiful babies!

THEN, I had a birthday! October is a pretty busy month for the first few days with my family...
Oct. 1- My birthday
Oct. 2- Coleman's birthday
Oct. 3- My Parents Anniversary
Oct. 4- My uncle Val's birthday and my childhood Bestest Friend Whitney Waltman's birthday!

Ever since Emily borrowed my camera it has been acting funny and
that is why this picture is blurry.
I love sharing my birthday cake with Coleman! This is the only picture that is ok to be blurry cause it looks like we are actually blowing out our candles!
(Coleman looks like Chloe to me in this picture!)

Birthday Twins!

Cole got a new bike for his birthday so he got a helmet too!
Lookin' Good Buddy!
As you noticed Andrew wasn't in any of these birthday pictures... Sad I know. It's cause these were actually the day before my birthday. I went down to Salt Lake for my friend Aubrey's wedding that was on my birthday, but my family wanted me to come down the night before. So, on my actual birthday I got my hair redone, went to Aubrey's wedding,

went to lunch with Lindsey Knudsen (thanks Lindsey! I wish we lived closer!) then came back to Logan to celebrate with Andrew! He is SO sweet! He got me so much stuff, but I only got a picture of my favorite...

MY OWN SNUGGIE! Even better, it is the Wild Side Zebra Snuggie! Andrew is such a dork and I laughed SO hard when I opened up the blanket with sleeves! Ha Ha!

AND, he baked me a cake! Not just any cake- a double layered cake! I've never even done that! He is so great!

And when he started putting candles on he asked me if we really had to put 22 on there, but he stopped at 3 beause he thought that was enough... I can't wait to see how many I get next year...

Thanks for everyone who texted me Happy Birthday on my B-day! I tried to text people back, but then couldn't remember who I did and who I didn't, so sorry if I didn't text back... and even more sorry if I texted Thank You to anyone twice... Love Ya!


leah.jane said...

ooh, happy late birthday. looks like you guys had fun!

crystal said...

who doesn't want a snuggie? That's awesome! And I'm totally impressed with the layered cake. Those are always way more work. Two layers of cake=twice as much love. Glad you had a great birthday and it's ok you didn't text me back. I figured you were living up your day

Taiya and Cam said...

That is so funny he got you a snuggie! I always see the commercials on tv for them! I'm glad you had a good birthday!

paige and jord said...

a snuggie! gotta love it. way to go andrew. hope you had an awesome bday. (i didn't get the text back either.. i have been thinking for the last four days that you hated me, or i texted the wrong number. so thanks for clarifying ;) love ya ali!

Tyler and Emily said...

you're such a cute birthday girl.

if only i could have celebrated it with you..

love you!

Tyler and Emily said...

p.s. funny present andrew.

i really like that snuggie.
can you both fit in it?

Kip & Alisha said...

Looks like you had a GREAT birthday! I hear those snuggies are pretty amazing! :)

jas and aubs said...

Thanks so much for coming to the temple al!! It really meant so much to us!! Hope you had a wonderful birthday!! are you coming home for the holidays? xoxo