Sunday, April 11, 2010

New York, Easter AND 16 Weeks!!!

I know I haven't posted in FOREVER, but I have been quite busy! Instead of making you read a bunch of crap I will have this post be mostly pictures...

I got to go to NY with my mom and sisters for my sister Emily's "Drill Nationals." They didn't compete or anything cause nationals are such a joke anyway so instead they got to take classes in NY so that was way better! I felt bad that Andrew wasn't able to go, but he would have hated to be with all these drill girls, shopping and NY traffic- he flips out in traffic...

-Statue of Liberty-

-Ellis Island-

-Chloe' being a Sweetheart and rubbing my feet-

-The Hershey's Store-

-Having fun at the Hershey Store-

-The M&M Store-

-Going to The top of the Rockefeller Center-

-View from the top-

-All the girls on the Top of the Rock-

-Top of the Rock with Chloe-

-SO disappointing! These cookies looked SO good, but tasted like cardboard-

-Backstage tour for Wicked-


-Yankee Stadium-

-On our behind the scenes tour at Radio City Music Hall on the stage!-

-The stage at Radio City Music Hall- the stage is 70 feet and the largest stage ever!-

-Eating at Stardust Diner. Best Story Ever: So for those who have never been there, it is a famous little diner that is like 1950's style and all of the waiters and waitresses sing all of these old school songs. So, as we are just sitting down and this guy comes by our table singing his fabulous song he stops in the middle of his song and says to me,
"That is Fabulous Hair!"
It was SO funny! I felt pretty fabulous the rest of the night!-

-Eating at Roxy. They are famous for their huge sandwiches, but come on- that is a
little too huge! Who could eat that!-

-At FAO Schwarts I found my twin!-

-Speaking of baby, this particular moment baby was on the right and I was lopsided! For some weird reason it made me love baby bear even more-

-Times Square-

For Easter we went and stayed at a friends cabin up in Midway. It was nice to
be away from everything and to
just relax and watch Conference all weekend.

-Dying eggs with Hubby-

-Everyone dying eggs-

-I had to show a picture of my favorite egg this year because my eggs
usually turn out not so great-

-We got to celebrate my dad's birthday in Midway cause we missed his birthday while we were in NY... Yes, he is 35 (NOT), but he is very clever!-

-Chillin' at the Cabin-


-Baby Bump at 15 weeks-

-Here is my official 16 week picture! I am seriously SHOCKED that I am already 16 weeks, I know, I know there is a long road ahead of me, but really 5 months is not that far away! I can't believe that I am going to be half way done next month!-

-Baby is the size of an Avocado-

-Cute Story: At our 15 week appointment the Dr put the monitor on my stomach so we could listen to the heartbeat. The Dr told us that it might take a second to find the heartbeat because the baby is only like 4 inches and is swimming around everywhere. After about 5 seconds we found the baby over on the left side where I usually feel like the baby is (not that I can really feel it, but my stomach is always harder over there). Anyways, we find the heartbeat and listen to it for about 5 seconds and then it fades away and stops and the Dr says, "Well, we're done- the baby swam away!" How cute! Baby doesn't like to be pushed around apparently!-

-So my waist has grown another inch and at my Dr's appointment I had gained 4 more pounds, but only a total 0f 6 so I am very happy, but surprised...
I feel like I would have gained a lot more!-
I still have been feeling great! No sickness, no throwing up, no nothing- how lucky am I! The only thing is this dang back pain! It is only getting worse and I know that it will just keep getting worse! I am doing stretches, sleeping with a heating pad, taking Tylenol (only when it is really horrible because I HATE taking anything), asking so very kindly for Andrew to rub my back and sleeping with pillows in between my legs... any other suggestions?

Also, let's keep in mind that Andrew's waist line is a 38...I am totally aware that I will pass him in the waist circumference, but if I pass him up on the scale I will KILL SOMEONE- and then probably fry them up for dinner! We've always been 100 pounds apart and I would like it to stay that way, but whatev...



Crystal said...

your NYC trip looked awesome! I would love to go there, especially as a "girls" trip. I'm still laughing about your "fabulous hair". How funny... I mean your hair is fabulous and I'm still amazed that you can get your extensions to diffuse just like the rest of your hair, but how funny for a man top stop mid song just to tell you how fab you looked!

Your baby bump is adorable, however, i'm kind of dying at the fact that you and Andrew are 100 pounds apart! ARE YOU SERIOUS! I mean, I definitely believe you because you are a little toothpick, but 100 pounds! That's crazy. The day I went in to have Hazel I had passed Taylor's weight by like 6 pounds. I wouldn't ever tell him my weight because I was so embarrassed and I even whispered it to the nurse so that Taylor couldn't hear... hello, i'm sure he knew, and still loved me anyway.

jas and aubs said...

I am so jelous you got to go to NY!! 16 weeks already! That baby is going to be here before you know it. When do you find out if it's a girl or a boy? Miss you tonz!! P.S. I can't believe you would rather watch golf over football..I don't even know you sig!! Haha kidding lobe you!!

Taiya and Cam said...

Your trip to NYC looks like so much fun! I'm jealous! We loved hanging out with you guys the other night!! Keep posting the belly pics since I won't see you for a few months:)You look so cute pregnant!

Mike and Blake said...

I love it! Those pictures are so cute of New York and I can't believe you actually have a baby bump now! Grandma could not stop talking about it when she came down this weekend! You look so adoreable! I can't wait to see the baby bump in real life!!!

The Searles said...

Ali, you went to New York? How fun!!! That is my favorite vacation ever. I love your baby bump and I want to see more! You get to find out what it is so soon, I can't wait:)!! By the way...I still need your number, I'm sorry I lost it again when I had to get ANOTHER phone:(

Jed and Kera said...

Ok now that we are in our home and we have internet I can catch up with your little bump! Oh Ali you are too cute! I hope my next pregnancy is like yours!!! I can't wait to see how cute you look at the end!

Ali @ Mommie Life said...

I have never been to NY and I am so jealous of your super fun trip! :) I can't believe your already 16 weeks! It goes by so fast, just wait!!

I love your little tummy too!! My little bug liked to stay on one side too, I always looked lop-sided. ha ha... And the back pain, I'm sorry to say probably wont get much better. Your doing everything right though!! The heating pad is what helped me the most and since you can't take hot baths, I would stand in the shower with the later scalding hot and just let it pound my lower back... It was my favorite thing to do before bed! :)

Good luck with everything! And goodness girl, your gonna stay itsy bitsy!!! :)