Monday, April 19, 2010

Our Baby!

So this last weekend we went to Fetal Fotos! It was SO SO SO awesome! For only $79 we got a 10 minute DVD of baby moving around, a CD of pictures and some pictures printed off for us. It was WAY worth the money because now we have the coolest DVD ever and we get to show it to baby bear when baby bear is older and it will be SO cool! Here are our pictures and some exciting news...


-Little tiny ear like Papa Bear (Andrew has cute little ears that I LOVE)-

-Adorable Face, this picture the baby is hiding behind the placenta, they said
that it is a defensive mechanism when the baby
tries to get away from whatever is pushing on it or bugging it, SO cute!-

-Just stretching out and relaxing-

-The face looks like a skeleton still a little bit,but you can totally tell what is what-

-We counted and there were 10 fingers so no worries, Ha Ha!
I can't WAIT to hold those little hands!-

-Long, perfect spine-

-One of my favorite picture of baby's foot! Can't wait til I get to tickle those stinky little feet!-

-Nice long arm. Baby kept it's little arms and hands up by it's face almost the whole time. I pray that it sucks it thumb cause my cute nephew McKay
did in Amy's tummy and it is the sweetest picture ever!-

-Tiny baby toes!-

-The Family Jewels... IT'S A BOY!!!-

We are SO happy! When the lady told us that it was a boy I started crying I got so excited! It will be SO much fun to have a big brother cause I never had one! I won't lie, I was a little bit shocked, but I shouldn't have been cause Andrew's family hasn't had a girl for 3 generations now so I really should have known better than to buy anything pink, but o well, we'll get our girl some day! Andrew still has a huge smile on his face and is SO excited to play ball with his son (I love saying that we are going to have a son!).

So while we were watching the baby move around, the lady wasn't hurting me, but it was so cool to really be able to feel that she was actually working around something inside of me. And, I know that baby doesn't like to be pushed around because it would move every time we pushed it around a lot. Even when I lean over something and it pushes on my tummy I know baby hates it! It really is so fun that I can kinda start to sense a little personality!

I am feeling just absolutely huge lately and I know that this is only the beginning. Funny story: So we were at my parents house this last weekend and me and my sisters always share and borrow clothes. So I was going through Emily's closet and I saw a new shirt that I wanted to wear. I asked her if I could take it and if it fit cute and she said, "Ya it's way cute- it's kinda baggy though, but it's really cute!" So I put it on and wear it and I really do think it is way cute. Later that night on our way to Logan we're driving home and I look down at my tummy just to admire how much I love my little boy and notice how tight the shirt is around my belly... Funny how Emily's "baggy" shirt is not so baggy on me anymore! I thought that was funny cause our sharing clothes might not work the same as it once did. Ha Ha! Love Ya!


Mike and Blake said...

Yeah for baby boy bear! Congrats again! Love the pictures of him streching! How cute!

Crystal said...

I love all of those pictures of his feet and fingers, they're so clear and perfect! I really am so excited for your baby boy. Congratulations again!

Kip & Alisha said...

That's so awesome!! He is going to be one cute little guy! Congrats :)

Chase and Ashley Winegar said...

I'm so excited you're having a boy! Boys are so much fun. You're going to be a great mom.

Taiya and Cam said...

I can't believe how clear those pictures are! They are so cute! Congrats on a BOY!!! That's so exciting now that you know and can start buying tons of cute boy stuff! Yay:)

Tyler and Emily said...

congrats!!! I'm so excited for you. Boys are the BEST!!!

Ali @ Mommie Life said...

Yay!! Congrats on the boy!! Your going to be such a great mommy!!

Lithie Rock said...

oh i love it!!! i am super excited!!!! yay!!!! its a good thing you took back that adorable ballerina crib set we saw at stork landing, remember that??? hahahah oh man all those purchasing splurges will come as soon as you have baby here! i cant wait to hear the names you are thinking of. i know everyone will start asking if they havent already. we miss you! dude we are moving in like 2 weeks! EEEKS! to layton! we must catch up! love you! thanks for calling the other day miss ya and ttys. oh and ps i loved all the adorable pics of baby bear!!!! his little feet are soooo cute i love it! soooo cute. i am obsessed with pudgy baby feet right now. xoxoxo

tyson and ashley said...

Congrats!! Boys are sooo much fun!! You will LOVE it!! :)