Tuesday, November 2, 2010

First Halloween!

We had a great Baby Proof Halloween this year!

First Halloween!

Grandma Siegfried got this cute hat at the Farmer's Market! Look how much happier he is in these pitures than the one above... babies really do love to be naked!

My Little Pumpkin Head!

Naturally, Jackson had to be a bear for Halloween because we called him Baby Bear before we named him!

Bear Hyde!

Bear Hunters and Bear!

Lion, Tiger and Bear... O MY!

Andrew Olson- 3 weeks, Olivia Larsen- 2 Weeks and Jackson- 5.5 Weeks! These other babies made me raelize how bald my little nugget is, and how tan his skin really is! Dang- I wish I was as tan as Jackson! He seriously looks like he got an awesome spray on tan! Ha Ha!

Jackson's First Day at Church- Oct. 31, 2010
He did really good... He slept the whole time, other than when I had to feed him (I feel special that I can now go in the MOTHER'S ONLY room! Ha Ha!)

So happy to go to church!

Jackson is 6 weeks today!!! HOLY COW! I LOVE my baby boy! Thanks to Baby Wise and mostly my Babywise Coach Magdalena he is sleeping 8 hours through the night. Let me re-type that so you all know it wasn't a typo... JACKSON IS SLEEPING 8 HOURS THROUGH THE NIGHT!!! So to answer the question that everyone asks, Yes, we are getting some sleep around here! Sorry- I am bragging about how FREAKING awesome Jacks is, but isn't that the job of a mother... to brag about their babies? If the mom doesn't brag about the baby then who will?!?



paige and jord said...

love that baby bear costume, its only fitting that he would wear it! ;) that is SO great that you are sleeping. i will need to learn those tricks....

Ostler said...

Oh man, Ali! I'm sooo glad you're doing Babywise!!! It's seriously awesome, isn't it? I know, it's so funny cause everyone is always like "Oh! Are you getting any sleep?" And it's like...well, yeah. And then it's awkward and then they say "YOU'RE so LUCKY!!!" And then you just sit and think, "HEy! I worked for this! :) Seriously, though. It is the BEST thing EVER. I think it makes being a mom so much LESS stressful. It makes it so you can just focus on everything that is so fun and never feel overwhelmed! Anyway, as you can see, I'm a believer! :)
Congrats on helping him sleep so well!!!

Crystal said...

I'm so glad that you're doing Babywise! I told you it was awesome. I will recommend it to everyone I know. It makes all of the difference.

Baby bear is so stinkin' cute. Holy cow, I love the bear hunters and little bear idea. And the lion and Tiger and Bear is adorable. It's so cute how you coordinated his costume with EVERYONE!

The Pearce People said...

Haha Jackson is so cute in his costume!! Emmett hates to be naked he screams his guts out until he is all clothed again :)

aliciajudd said...

What a little doll! He is the cutest little bear I have ever seen. He's lucky I am not there to smother him in tons of kisses because I don't think I could resist!

Magdalena said...

You have every reason to brag, you are such a good mother. Love you so much Ali!