Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Circus is in Town!

Jackson turned one... wow, that was the fastest year of my life! I threw Jackson a Circus themed party and it was SO much fun! It was fun to plan, fun to make all the decorations and stuff and fun to actually throw the big bash! It really was way fun because it gave me something to do and look forward to for a few weeks- heaven knows I need things to do and look forward to. We are so grateful for everyone that came and spoiled Jackson- just like he should be! I love spoiling my little man!

We also got 1 year pictures done of him a week or so before the party and they couldn't have turned out more perfect! My talented cousin Blakelee did them and did such a good job!

Enjoy the MILLIONS of pictures!

We had a TAKE A GUESS game to guess how many m&m's were in the jar and Tyson won with the closest guess!

Monthly Pictures!

We displayed just about a million pictures of little man...

Rainbow Cupcakes!

Fruit Kabobs!


Lots of Yummy food!

The Candy Table!

Circus Snack Table!

SO many presents!

Opening Presents!

Giving Livi a ride on Jackson's new toy! SO CUTE!

The Cake!

Blowing out Candles!

He likes to smell things... including His cake!

Rianbow cake!

Love these clowns!

It was SUCH a fun party and we are SO grateful for everyone that came and brought awesome gifts!

I'll post ALL of his ADORABLE pictures next... this post was already long enough! Ha!


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Meg said...

That is the most adorable one year old party I've seen! I want to copy:)