Wednesday, September 21, 2011

12 Months!!!

What in the world. My little man is 1 today! 1 Year Old! SO sad, but so fun! He is such a good baby and always has a smile on his face! He is not feeling his best today, so our photo shoot didn't didn't go very well, but we tried...

This is how our shoot started... not happy!

Then Meggie walked in the room and he got a little happier... He loves Meggie!

Then, to make his little cheeks stay in the chair he needed a brush to brush his hair- isn't everyone happier when they are brushing their hair ;)

And this is how we ended...

-I have kinda stop keeping track of all of his new foods because he really can eat whatever he wants and usually eats a lot of what we are eating... including chocolate!
-This month though Jackson has turned into quite the cuddle bug! I am LOVING this! He will want me to hold him and then just lay his head on my chest while I continue doing whatever I am doing- it is SO stinking cute! We've all been kinda sick lately and that has made the cuddling extra good because we just lay on the couch and watch Tom and Jerry and he loves it! I don't normally just let him sit there and watch TV, but since he's been sick I will do whatever he wants.
-He stands all by himself, no steps yet, but standing like a champ!
-He walks along things now and realy fast, it is so cute!
-He got HIs very first fever over 100... 102.1 to be exact! I felt so bad cause he seriously felt like he had been soaking in a hot tub for hours!
-We took him to his first fair and he ate some Funnel Cake and road the carousel! He liked it, but got a little nervous- maybe cause his 5 ft. mother could barely hold on to Him when the horse was going up- ha ha!

And, I am done breast feeding today. Weird! I have loved it so much and am beyond grateful that I have been able to do it for a whole year. It has been a huge comitment and I honestly didn't know that I'd love it this much, and didn't understand it when women said that they loved it so much and had a hard time stopping, but it totally is that way! Jackson has been so good and so easy to nurse- thanks buddy!

Any tips/advice to the extra-hormonal me? I have been going crazy with hormones and have an emotional break down just about every day- it's been real fun. Don't feel bad for me, feel bad for Andrew and Jackson- I think they both want me to move out! Ha! Sorry, this is kinda TMI, but I love getting advice from everyone who've gone through the same thing.

We got 1 year pics and here is a sneak peak... more, LOTS more to come later!



tyson and ashley said...

Happy Birthday Jackson!!! I can't believe he is already 1! crazy! He is so cute! Can't wait to see the rest of his pics! I don't think I have any good advice! Just enjoy every minute! I'm still an emotional mess and Krew is almost three. I think it is just something that goes along with being a mom! :)

preston. shawnee. cohen said...

Hey Ali! Just found your blog through Paiges. I really can't believe Jackson is already a year, he was so little when I first met him. His little clown bow is hilarious! Happy Birthday Jackson!!

and my blog is private, but let me know if you want an invite :)