Thursday, April 14, 2011

Grandpa Siegfried and Jackson!

Remember this outfit... Well, on April 17, 2010 we went to Fetal Fotos and found out Jackson was a BOY! After, we went to Chuck-a-Rama and celebrated with my family! And, I guess to celebrate Chloe's birthday ;) After dinner we went to Fashion Place Mall to buy a little outfit for our little man. And, Yes, this World Champpion onesie is what we ended up with. At the time I thought it was kinda silly, but Andrew was dying over how cool it was, and that made me happy cause I was really needing him to be excited about this baby so we just bought it. Now I think it is so dang funny and cute- mostly cause of the little chunk inside of it, but still!

A few weekends ago we went down to Sandy to celebrate my dad's birthday. My dad loves babies SO much, and Jackson is no exception, even if "he squeels like a pig stuck under a fence." (according to Grandpa Ned!)
This is Jackson in Grandpa Siegfried 's reading glasses!

Isn't it funny, the things we do to our kids!

If any of you have not been to Temptation's Cupcakes in Logan you NEED TO... but not without inviting me first cause it is AMAZING! Seriously, they are to DIE for!!!

For my dad's birthday we ordered Asian Star and it was of course delicious. Naturally, chinese food comes in a real fancy big box, right? Well, it turned into a nice little play pen for about 45 minutes and, if my dad would have taken me seriously when I said I was keeping that box, Jackson would be playing in it now- he loved it!

Jackson's new obsession is his toes, but who can blame them, they are so cute! He loves to chew on them all day long- that is why he won't roll over cause he just sits there and eats his toes... Anyway, I am ocd and ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS have socks on him cause I don't want his toesies to get cold, but recently he's been pulling his socks off and he thinks he's pretty funny...

Man alive I love this kid! In church on Sunday I started crying during the sacrament thinking of Jackson passing the sacrament. How emotional am I... Yes, you guessed it, I am tearing up now just thinking about it again! I seriously can't explain the love I have for my sweet child. If you are a mother you understand, if you are not, you may think you understand, but you just wait- it hits you like a ton of bricks how much you seriously love your kid. I was taking to my sweet new mama friend Paige and she was saying what a new perspective on life she has now and it is totally true. It makes you not care anymore about stupid things. It makes you leave the dishes in the sink a little longer so you can read a few more books to your little one. It makes you not buy that cute new swim suit cause you want a new outfit for your chunky baby. SO many things change instantly that you don't even realize! I am SO SO SO blessed to be able to stay home and be with Jackson all day. It is seriously the life that I have wanted for such a long time and it is the best ever! I know I probably say this same stuff all the time, but it's not like I have anything else going on to blog about ;)

This is Jackson today! My mom bought Jackson this little outfit last summer and I totally forgot about it and found it this morning in the back of his drawers. I am SO happy I found it cause, as you can tell, it is as tight as a leotard! Too bad he won't be able to wear it too much longer, but I'm sure baby brother will enjoy it one day.

And here is where the photo shoot ended when he tried to grab the camera...

Have a wonderful week and please pray for warm weather cause I am sick and tired of this rain, snow crap that we keep getting! LOVE YA!!!


Whitney Olson said...

such a darling post! I totally know what you mean about getting emotional about little things :) Jackson is SO cute!!!!

Ostler said...

Ali, he's SO cute! And seriously, I get emotional ALL THE TIME. It's just natural... :) He is just so darling!

Taiya and Cam said...

Haha Those pictures of him in the glasses are so funny! I love reading about cute little Jackson. Your posts always make me EVEN more excited to be a mom.(I can't wait!)