Saturday, May 21, 2011

8 Months!!!

I guess it is good that Jackson gets a month older every month, cause then I have a for sure reason to post something! Ha Ha! And, we'll keep up with our tradition of me saying, "Wow, time is flying!"

I didn't realize this until now, but it kinda looks like his sweet cheeks are not in a diaper because of his strategicly placed hand, but he is... I promise! Ha Ha!

Just relaxing....

...I LOVE this cheesy smile he's doing! Again, this paper is way interesting.

Done with the photo shoot aparently!

This picture is significant because when Jackson was born his foot was as long as my pointer finger and look at it now...


-Jackson tried Turkey & Turkey Gravy and loved it!
- Gobbled Up Apples-Banana-Strawberry Mix, and I mean gobbled up!
-Tried some Rice Rusks crackers... I don't think he got it that it was food at first cause they look so funny, but once he realized that he was eating something like we eat he thought it was way fun!
- GOT HIS FIRST TOOTH!!! (May 9) Surprisingly he wasn't as fussy as I thought he would be, but now that I think about it I think he was hurting for like the week before it actually popped through... Now he's acting the same so I think that we're about to get number 2 here any day.

I love my little man more than anything and I can't imagine my life any different.

Andrew is just finishing his last 4 weeks of classes and I seriously CAN NOT WAIT!!! He has school from 9-3 then work 3-9 and THEN homework! It sucks SO bad. I feel like Jackson has no dad, but really he has the best, hardest working dad and we are SO beyond grateful to have him!

I am laying here in bed and watching Extreme Couponing- ever watched it? These women spend $5 on $600 worth of groceries!!! NO JOKE! I am not getting motivated ,(well, maybe a tiny bit) I am getting mad! That is just insane- absolutely INSANE!!! They have MASSIVE amounts of food and everything you can imagine in their homes! This lady just said she has 150 rolls of toilet paper and she paid $0 for it!!! Andrew just said, "If you are bored why don't you do this?" Um, cause I am normal?!?!?

Well, I am tired... just cause Jackson gets 12 hours of sleep doesn't mean that I do!


The Durr's said...

Ali I love your posts and your baby is SO adorable! Makes me want one of my own :) You have such a cute family!

Jessica&Kristofer Driggers said...

Aw. Jackson is so cute!

Wesley loves rice rusks too!

These babies are so funny!

Ali @ Mommie Life said...

Ali you are adorable!! Jackson is getting so big! :) I am excited to have a boy too! You may have to give me some advice here soon!

I watch the coupon show too! I am blown away by what people can do with coupons! I'm trying my luck at it but so far I don't save anywhere near that amount, but every little bit helps I guess! :)

I'm gonna have a coupon lady come talk to a bunch of my girl friends if you want to come next month... :) Let me know! I'd love to see you and meet your little man too! : )

Cara Short said...

jackson is so cute.

i've seen the coupon show and it bugs me a little too. but now i feel like a failure when i pay for groceries.

i have also started trying to coupon because the branch i am in had a class on it. i have saved 19.00 in one trip... thats the most so far. but hopefully i get better.

Lucie Lee said...

Ali! I love reading your blog!and I miss your face! I LOVE the show extreme couponing and like I told you I hosted this couponing class, and I already have saved a ton of money. I am definitely not extreme like they are (and you actually can't save that much here in dear old Cache Valley) but we should hand out and I can teach you what I learned and we could even do that shopping together!! :)