Monday, May 9, 2011

Here and There...

We have had a lot going on these past few days. I'm pretty sure that for a straight 48 hours the only time that Jackson was set down and had some time alone was during nap time- good thing I am the nap nazi! We have had a lot of family here and there and everywhere and while it is always fun, I've missed laying on the ground saying, "Jackson, roll over here... come get this..." Here is what has been going on...

Jackson had his first ride in a grocery cart! The weather was FINALLY warm enough for a few days, and that car seat is o so heavy, so I decided that it'd be fun to have my little man bag that darn thing! He loved it, and so did I, until I turned around and he was sucking on the handle and I about threw up!

We found a new source of entertainment/ cage/ break for me... Jackson loved it! And, when I pulled the basket off he kept looking at it and wanting it back over him like a little fort.

Like, mentioned before, it's been warmer and warmer so we've been going on walks- so much fun!

Now, the best part... ANDREW GRADUATED WITH HIS MASTERS!!! I was more excited for him to be done than I was for myself to be done! I am SO proud of him and I am SO happy that we decided to have him do his Masters right after his Bachelors. This last year of our lives have for sure been the hardest (Andrew in school 24/7, new baby, me staying home...), but it has been the most rewarding.
Master Hyde!

There were bag pipes at the freaking graduation and Jackson HATED them... I think we all did! Ahhhh- they really made this 2 hour graduation fun!

Siegfried Fam...

My cute Family! Yes, Kourtney Kardashian has this dress!

Jackson in Andrew's Cap!

Andrew's awesome parents got him a grill for graduation! It cooks 35 burgers at a time.. right! No way, unless they were itty bitty burgers! We love it and it is SO nice! Thanks Kyle and Gay- we love you guys!

Then, Andrew's great- great aunt passed away and we went up to her funeral. It was short and sweet and got me thinking... If my funeral is longer than an hour I will haunt everyone who planned it because long funerals are the worst! My dad's aunt's funeral was 2.5 hours last year and I was about ready to die! So, there we have it, in writting- no longer than an hour for me!

Jackson is doing this new scruntchy face grin/ smile that is the funniest thing ever! I LOVE IT!

Last, but not least- Mother's Day! I love all of the mother's in my life and want them to know how much I look up to them and their example in every way! Words can not describe how blessed I feel to have the Lord trust me with such a sweet little spirit in our home. Jackson, you are the best thing in my life and at times make me not want to have any more kids in fear that they will not be as perfect as you are! (Am I nuts or what?!?) I truely believe that being a mother is the reason I am here on this earth. I am grateful that I have such great examples around me! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


Whitney Olson said...

congrats to Andrew! That is AWESOME! What a cute little family!

Crystal said...

"Master Hyde"... hahah, that's awesome. Congratulations to Andrew (and you!) That is so exciting, even if it means that you guys are moving away. I can't wait to see what the future has in store for you.

Lauren and Carter said...

OK so the comment about funerals made me smile - I completely agree! I've been telling everyone for years now that my funeral is to be no longer than sacrament meeting - i.e. one hour and ten minutes. I think people can sit for that long - they do every week - and after that they start fidgeting and get bored.

Jessica&Kristofer Driggers said...

Wesley hates bag pipes too. WE went to ceremony for my dad and he was dead asleep. The stupid thing started playing and he woke up screaming.

Taiya and Cam said...

Congrats to Andrew! That's so exciting that he is done with school:) Those pictures of Jackson with the laundry basket are too funny. He's so dang cute!!

The Brad and Alicia Judd Unit said...

That is so exciting! It is so nice to be done with school! Now you guys should move out to Virginia and Jackson and our little guy can be best friends. Also Jackson is a doll and the laundry basket picture made me laugh. Mae has taken to laundry baskets too and Loves to hide under them, she has to curl up to fit though. Too funny.