Thursday, July 21, 2011

Double Digits!

Yes, Jackson is 10 MONTHS OLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, I am freaked out. Yes, I am starting to plan his party. No, I have not decided on a theme yet. ;) That pretty much covers my thoughts on this new age...

This month...
-You got a passport! What 10 month old needs a passport? Um, one who ROCKS!
-This was funny... when we were filling out the part about hair color, what do you put? TBD or NA were not options so Andrew guessed Dark Brown, why he didn't just put Brown is beyond me. A blonde could get away with "Brown" and a brunette can get away with "Brown" to, but he thought Dark Brown was a better choice. Also, his passport is honestly the cutest picture I have ever seen of him! They said that it was the cutest picture they have ever taken! The girls there probably took copies for themselves!
-You started CRAWLING! (07-08-2011)
-You pull yourself up and stand a lot and make me nervous.
-You have eaten a ton of new food this month: hash browns, fresh banana, strawberry, peaches, grapes, mandarin oranges, pears, and nectarines, nila wafers, spaghetti-o's (absolutely hated these), pear-raspberry mix- not a hit at first, but the second try he liked them, pasta primavera (HATED this, gagged! I've never seen him hate a food more!), Strawberry Yogurt Melts, lil' crunchies mild cheddar (loves these!), rice, pieces of bread, cooked noodles (not a big fan- I think he doesn't like the texture) and I am sure there is more I can't think of...
-Most days I feel like I am feeding my baby bird... I bite off pieces for him and feed him just like the birds do it!
-You are still sleeping like a champ and taking 2 naps.
-You went to the Zoo and loved the giraffes.
-You celebrated your first 4th of July!
-You burp and laugh and say eeewwwwww everytime- maybe I shouldn't have been doing that cause now he does, but it is so dang cute I don't even care!
-You are the cutest ever! We read Sandra Bouynton's The Going to Bed Book every night (have it memorized) and when it says "Now everybody goes below," "And when the moon is on the rise, they all go up..." and "Down once more, but not so fast." we run our fingers down the book to make it sound like the little animals are running up or down... well, you started doing it the other night and I almost cried it was SO freaking cute!
-You sign "More" to me, even though it is kinda more of a clap you do it when you eat a food you really like like peaches.
-You're a waving machine! Sometimes I worry your arm might fly off. You waved at the nice lady in the mall and it made me so proud to be your mama!
-You clap like one of those creepy monkey's with those symbols!
-You snort and sniff and make yourself laugh.
-You like to play with your tongue, hopefully it'll be as long as your papa's- Andrew can pick his nose with his tongue!
-You make a clicky noise with mouth that is so cute!
-And lastly YOU ROCK! You are honestly the easiest, funnest baby in the world! I don't know what I must have done to deserve such an awesome kid like you, but I'd do it ten times over to have you in my life forever!

SO, with this 1st birthday creeping up on us, are there any cute traditions that you all are doing with your kidos that I should start? I can't WAIT to throw him a fun party- my girl Giuliana will probably be there covering the whole event!

We saw 17 Miracles about the Pioneers- it was really good. It ended with this quote and I love it! I loved President Hinckley so much!

"I will never get over being thankful to them; I hope you never get over being thankful to them. I hope that we will always remember them...Let us read again and again, and read to our children or out children's children the account of those who suffered so much." -Gordon B. Hinckley, Jan 31, 1999 Church News, Page 5

Have a GREAT Pioneer weekend!



leah jane said...

This just makes me want to see his passport picture so bad!! Share the cuteness! :) I love his monthly pics, fun idea to document his growth.

l.k. said...

oh my... ali that is so cute! i need to come talk to you and get boxes :)

Lithie said...

post his passport pic!!! i wanna see it now!!! where are u guys headed that he needed one??? i love the seeing the growth! he is such a chubby chunky little handsome guys!!! happy you are in midvale and closer to civilization!! haha geeee are you serious with the 1 year bday party already??? wow time does fly too quickly. time to sched a mommy play date soon! love ya.