Monday, July 18, 2011

I've been told...

... that my blog has gone down the you know what from my sister who is a you know what. So, I guess I will update it very quickly before I go to bed. I. am. so. so. so. tired. Since living in Midvale I feel like I my life is GO GO GO! There is a lot more going on down here and with my sisters (sidekicks) with me 24-7 I have been out and about a lot more. SO fun! Love those crazy ladies. Here is a few pics to show you how much fun we've been having!

The 4th of July BBQ at my Parents House!

The Living Aquarium! I think me and Chloe enjoyed this more than Cole and Jackson, ha ha!

Scrunchy Face!

The Hogle Zoo!

I think everyone else in the Salt Lake Valley decided to go to the Zoo this day too and it was HOT! I was so nervous that Jakson was going to get dehydrated so I kept giving him his water bottle and I am pretty sure that he had the worlds heaviest diaper cause he drank so much!

Jackson doesn't like hats so much, but this is how he left it when he was trying to pull it off... ya, he's a G!

Notice his cute "Zoo Shirt"... gotta have a new shirt for the Zoo, right?

The Blaze Game!

Openind and Closing this door a l l d a y l o n g... until he smashes his fingers in it and needs a kiss ;)

We are loving life, loving Andrew's job, loving Jackson and loving being so close to my sisters! Jackson is 10 months on Thursday so another update will be coming soon! How's that for ya sis! ;)



Taiya and Cam said...

It looks like you are doing lots of fun stuff down there! I'm glad you guys are liking it!!:)

Heather and Barry said...

I am glad you updated it too! You are such a cute mom! You are too dang cute too!