Thursday, October 4, 2012

ila's birth story part 1

Ila Ann Hyde Saturday, September 15, 2012- 6 lb. 11 oz.- 20 inches long- 5:24AM I feel like a few things had to be done before our sweet girl could be born. On Friday, Sept. 14 Jackson had his 2 yr. check up. I was already nervous that I was going to have baby sister earlier than the 14th so I had Meggie on call to take Jackson if I couldn’t take him, but luckily I could take him and Emily came with me to help me out. Then Jackson, Emily and I went to Target for a little bit, got lunch and then went back to Grandma Siegfried’s house to eat. While we were there Grandma and I went through ALL of her old baby clothes that she was going to let me borrow for sister. It was really nice because Emily played with Jackson while my mom and me went through the clothes. Later that day I remembered that the Utah State Fair was going on. It ended on Sunday the 16th and Saturday the 15th was the BYU vs. Utah game and I knew Andrew was not going to miss that, so if we didn’t go tonight then we wouldn’t be able to go. Chloe said that she wanted to go with us, which was so nice because Jackson loves her so much and she was able to ride some of the rides with him. While we were there I had some contractions that were a little harder than usual, but they weren’t consistent at all so I really didn’t think about them. I thought that they were just from walking around.
We had a great time at the fair, took Chloe home and we got home around 10:00. Since it was past Jackson’s bedtime we hurried and got him ready for bed and put him down for the night. At 10:24 I started having contractions. These ones were a lot tighter, not too painful at all yet, but not too fun. These contractions were about 9-10 minutes apart and then quickly went to 7 minutes apart. My mom called me on her friend Tammy’s phone and asked for the address to our new house so they could go see it. While I was on the phone with her I told her I was having regular contractions and she told me to go lay down and call her if they got worse on Tammy’s phone because she left hers at home on accident. My back was really starting to hurt and every time I had a contraction I felt like I needed to lay down flat almost and on my side. Before when I had had contractions the doctor told me to take Tylenol, drink water and get in the bath. Andrew kept telling me to get in the bath, but I was way too tired and I didn’t really think I was in labor and just kept thinking the contractions would stop. My contractions were now 4 minutes apart and pretty painful- mostly in my back. Finally, around 11:30 I agreed to get in the bath and see if it would help. The bath helped a little bit, the contractions slowed down to every 6 minutes, but they were more painful because I couldn’t lay down like I wanted to earlier. I stayed in the tub for an hour and by the time I got out the contractions were every 3-4 minutes. I was really in a lot of pain and just kept hoping that my water would break so that I would for sure know I was in labor. I was pretty sure that I was, but nervous that I would go to the hospital and get sent home for false labor. Andrew and I decided to say a prayer around 1:00AM to have the contractions either stop, or get worse. We literally said, “Amen,” and the contractions got way worse. The contractions would start hurting in my back, then go to my stomach, then hurt my back way more, then slow down and stop until the next one came on. I really wanted to call my mom and tell her, but it was so late and I didn’t want to call Tammy’s phone just incase she wasn’t with my mom anymore. So, I decided to call Emily. As soon as she answered the phone, half asleep, I was bawling and in the middle of a bad contraction and couldn’t even talk. I told her that I was pretty sure that I was in labor and that I wanted her to come over now, even if I didn’t go to the hospital for another 2 hours because by that point I wouldn’t be able to wait for her to come over. She said she’d get her things ready and be over as soon as possible. I was supposed to teach ballet on Saturday, but obviously that wasn’t going to happen so Emily was all ready to teach for me. I called Meggie to come and stay with Emily and Jackson too cause Emily had to leave early to go teach my ballet classes and we needed someone there with Jackson. Emily got there around 1:40 and we hurried out the door. As we were walking to the car I was having way bad contractions and could barely walk and Andrew kept telling me to hurry and get in the car and all I wanted to do was drop to the floor. While we were driving to the hospital I was freaking out- I could not believe that I really might be in labor. I was so excited, but so nervous.
When we got to the hospital I was really ready to die, but I was so sad that we hadn’t taken any pictures. As we were walking in to the hospital I was having a bad contractions and grabbed on to Andrew. He tried to keep walking and I about knocked him on the floor. I don’t think he understands how much pain I really was in. We got inside the hospital, they got me a wheel chair and Andrew got us checked in. Our nurse, Jenna, wheeled me into out room- room 5 and I got changed into a hospital gown. Changing might have been the hardest thing ever while having contractions. Jenna needed to check and see how progressed I was so she could tell the on call doctor. My doctor, Dr. Rebecca Ponder, was out of town so we had to have the on call doctor, Dr. Brown. I was so happy because I had heard that Dr. Brown was a really good doctor, and if I hadn’t of gotten into Dr. Ponder I was going to choose Dr. Brown. While Jenna checked me, I was thinking, “I got checked just a few days ago and I was only a 2+ and 70% effaced…” Jenna said, “You are dilated to a 6 and 100% effaced.” When she said that I think I started screaming. I could not believe it! It seriously didn’t cross my mind once that those contractions were progressing me. I was freaking out because everyone told me that with their second baby they dilated to a 6 and then about 10 minutes later they were to a 10 and ready to push. I was so stressed out because we hadn’t even called Gay yet because we didn’t want to wake anyone up for a false alarm, or make her drive down from Logan for a false alarm. I started yelling at Andrew saying, “O MY GOSH- CALL YOUR MOM! CALL MY MOM! O MY GOSH!!!” He grabbed the phone and called my mom and told her to hurry down cause we were for sure having a baby tonight. When he got off the phone I said, “What did your mom say?” And he said, “I just called your mom- I’m calling mine right now.” I freaked out. I said, “Are you kidding me?!? Why would you call my mom- she lives 10 minutes away- we need to call YOUR mom NOW she has to drive way far!” Andrew called Gay at 1:22 and in the background I think I said, “Tell her to HURRY!” about 100 times. I was SO nervous that Gay was going to miss it.
Part 2 coming sooooooo... LOVE YA!

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