Friday, October 19, 2012

ila's birth story part 2

At this point we really hadn’t taken any pictures and I was so mad. I asked Andrew to take a picture like 5 or 6 times and he still hadn’t. Finally I said, “Andrew if you don’t take a picture I am going to freak out.” Andrew took about the ugliest picture of me in the entire world in the middle of crying through a contraction, but I didn’t even care because I wanted to remember everything. I was in so much pain and was NOT going to do this natural so I was really wanting my epidural before it was too late. Jenna called the anesthesiologist and told him to come give me one and he said that he was in a C-section and that he’d be about a half an hour. He said to give me some pain medication to take the edge off of my contractions and he would hurry. I told him to come now and I would give him all the money in my wallet- and my mom’s wallet because I was dying of pain. Jenna gave me an IV, which I was really nervous for because with Jackson the nurse that gave me the IV did horrible. It hurt and she got blood all over. Jenna did a way good job. As soon as she gave me the medicine I started feeling way dizzy and tired and the edge was for sure taken off my contractions. About 15 minutes later the anesthesiologist, Morris Mathews, came in. I recognized him because he lives down the street from my parents and is in their stake. He was really nice and knew my parents. He did the epidural really fast and I was so grateful! The epidural was in and working and then he had me sign all of the papers. I signed them at 2:58AM. After I got the epidural, Jenna checked me again and said that I was dilated to a 7 now. She told me that my amniotic sac was coming out of my cervix, and that normally they would break it and things would progress really quickly, but because we were waiting for my mom and Gay to get there we decided to wait to break it. My mom got there around 3:45ish and we just kind of hung out. I was feeling great, mostly because I couldn’t feel a thing. I told Jenna that I wanted to have the mirror so that I could see the birth and that it could help me push so she went and got it right then so she wouldn’t forget. I was so happy because I needed to do my make up before I started pushing. I did my make up and was so happy.
Gay got there around 4:30 and I have never been so happy to see her! I was SO happy that she didn’t miss it! After Gay got there it was now safe to break my water.
A resident OB came in and broke my water at 4:50 and I was dilated to a 10. The baby’s head was still a little high because of the amniotic sac that was in the way so they told me to have a few more contractions and if I felt the urge to push to call them immediately. That kind of made me stressed out because I really wasn’t feeling much down there and I didn’t know if I would be able to tell if I was ready to push. A little while later the baby’s heart rate dropped a little bit so Jenna came in and checked everything. I told her I felt a little more pressure and like I was maybe ready to push. She said that she was pretty positive that I was ready to push because I had been progressing so well on my own-with no pitocin and that the baby’s heart rate dropping is usually a good indicator of being ready to push. Jenna checked and said that she was right, I was ready to push so she was going to page Dr. Brown and tell her we were ready to go. When Dr. Brown got there, Jenna was prepping me and getting everything ready. When you push you have to hold your breath for 10 seconds and focus on pushing. I could not figure out how to hold my breath at all- I was getting so confused. As soon as we could see her head, the doctor said, “Wow- look at all that hair!” It was so cute! I was so excited to have a baby with hair. 3 contractions later our baby girl was out! I only pushed for 6 minutes, it was so amazing. Ila was born at 5:24AM on Saturday, September 15, 2012 I couldn’t believe how fast it went! It was awesome! As soon as she was out they put her on my stomach and cleaned her off. She was screaming, screaming, screaming.
I know that it is good to let them scream and clear their lungs out, but she was screaming so much. After they checked her out, weighed her and measured her they gave her back to me to feed her. She did a pretty good job latching on right away. As soon as she was born and things calmed down for a little while, both grandmas were begging to know her name, but we still wanted to keep it a secret.
After I fed her we were taken up to the recovery room. Because it was still so early we didn’t have any visitors for a while. I was so excited for Jackson to come and meet his new baby sister so as soon as it was 8:30 and I knew that he would be awake, we called Meggie and Facetimed with Jackson. Ila was crying and Jackson just kind of sat there and looked at her, I of course was crying too. While we were hanging out we decided to tell the grandmas the baby’s name, Ila Ann Hyde. Everyone thinks that we named her Ila because it is Ali backwards, but that was a total coincidence. About 2-3 years ago, we were doing sealings in the Logan Temple and one of the names that we did was Ila. When the sealer said the name, Ila, I thought it was beautiful. I loved it. I looked over to see how it was spelled and saw that it was Ila. I don’t event think that at the time I realized that it was my name backwards. Then, on January 15, 2012, when I found out that I was pregnant, as soon as I saw the positive pregnancy test I had the strongest feeling that I was having a girl and her name was Ila. It was like the Lord whispered it in my ear and told me her name.
Both of the grandmas loved the name and thought that it was beautiful. Grandma Siegfried loved that her middle name is Ann because of Ila’s great-grandma Carrolyn Ann Ripley. The next few hours were full of naps, visitors and lots of nurses. It worked out perfect being born on a Saturday because no one had to work and everyone from Logan was able to come down and see our sweet new baby. Around 11:30 Jackson walked in the room I was so excited and started to cry. He was so sweet with Ila, but a little nervous around me. He was really clingy to Andrew and wanted Andrew to hold him if he got close to Ila.
The hospital was super busy so it took them a really long time for them to finally come and give the baby a bath, but eventually she got her bath and got cleaned up. Gay was super nice and slept at our house and took care of Jackson for us so that Andrew could be at the hospital with me and Ila. We came home from the hospital on Monday, Sept. 17. The whole week Andrew stayed home from work to help out with the kids, it was such a blessing. We are so happy that Ila is here with us and in our family, we love you Ila!


The Obergs said...

Ali, I love all the details of Ila's birth. I also love the story of her name; what a special experience. Congrats, she is beautiful!

Ashley and Stephen said...

Such a sweet story Ali! And she is so gorgeous!

Cam, Taiya and London said...

I love reading baby stories! That's awesome she got here so fast, and that you had a great labor! She is SO adorable!!

Elsha.Rae said...

ok first of all. you are stunning. i hope i look half as good as you when i have a babe. and this post was absolutely beautiful. i cant wait to have kids of my own.