Thursday, March 17, 2011

Biker's Roadhouse!

SO, every year for our Anniversary we go to the Anniversary Inn. It is SO much fun and all of the rooms are way cute! This year for our Anniversary, Andrew was in London and I was lonely in Sandy, changing poopy diapers... ; ( So, we decided to go a few days late to celebrate. We stayed in the Biker's Roadhouse room this year. Andrew has wanted to stay in this one for a while so I surprised him with the room and he was so happy. Here are the pictures of our room...

This was the first time that I have left Jackson. I was very nervous about it, but I knew that he'd do just fine cause, let's face it... my baby rocks! Andrew's mom stayed with him, even though she had such a crazy day and was so tired, she was more than willing to take him for the night. It really was so good to be with just Andrew and spend time alone. I love Andrew more than anything and having him gone for 10 days was so hard, and I am SO grateful he is home!

Today is Jackson's First St. Patrick's Day! YaHoO! We gave him Green Eggs and Ham! No, not the food, the book! Ha Ha! He did try to eat it though, just like everything else near him.
See, trying to eat his book...

Here is some pictures of Andrew's trip to England. He started in Manchester, then Wales and ended up in London. He went with his MBA Program for a mini study abroad to visit some businesses over there. He felt real important going on an "international business trip." There were 4 different places that he could go to: China, Italy, England or Japan. And yes, you guessed it, I told him I would have gone to Japan (that's where my dad went on his mission). THANK THE LORD Andrew didn't go to Japan!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really would have died! The MBA kids that did go to Japan are home and safe and weren't near the disaster. Poor Japan, I feel extremely grateful that I am home, watching Seinfeld with my heating pad on my back blogging while my little niggets naps the afternoon away safe in his crib...

Hotel in Manchester- look how tiny the beds are and how close together they are!

In Wales: That sign is the name of the city- it is the longest name in the world!

Business Man!

Buckingham Palace!

Big Ben!

London Bridge!

Windsor Castle!


Consider yourself pinched REAL hard on the butt if you aren't wearing green today!


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Taiya and Cam said...

I love all the rooms at Anniversary Inn, they are so fun! I can't believe we are both over the 3 year mark. It's gone so fast! And, for your sake I'm glad Andrew didn't go to Japan either. I would have been freaked out!