Wednesday, January 11, 2012

ABC's of 2011

I thought that might be kinda fun...Enjoy!

A-Angie's Dance Academy! I taught ballet for Angie while I lived in Logan and was greatful for that experience. I was sad to leave, but am so blessed that I am still teaching at a different studio in Sandy, Dance Concepts!

B-Bye Bye Logan! SO extremely sad to leave the Hyde's, but SO excited to have an awesome job in Salt Lake and be living close to my family.

C- Celebrated my first Mother's Day! I LOVE BEING A MOM!

D- Dates! Me and Andrew saw a movie about a month before Jackson was born, so in August 2010 and went AN ENTIRE YEAR without seeing a movie! The first movie we saw since being parents was 17 Miracle, ha ha! Since then we've been to lots of movies and are going on lots more dates- finally!

E- Emily started hair school! I know, you're thinking that this has nothing to really do with us, but YES it does! FREE HAIR FOR LIFE!!! Too bad my son has no hair- Ha Ha!

F-Father's Day! Andrew got to celebrate his first Father's Day! WE LOVE YOU ANDREW!

G- Grandma Moby passed away in October. I love her and miss her SO much, but am SO glad that she is in heaven watching over us pain free.

H- Hyde Family Pictures! My sister in law Amy's sister Kelsey took these pictures and did such a good job!

I- International Traveling! We got to go to Mexico in August and it was SO fun! Jackson was a champ the whole time! We ate SO much chips and guacamole that I thought I was going to pop! YUM!

J- Jazz games! Jackson went to his first Jazz game Jan. 1, 2011. He was just an itty bitty 14 week old baby, but it was fun! We LOVE the Jazz!

K- Katy Perry concert! LOVED it! Katy is awesome!

L- LOVE! We celebrated our Three Year Anniversary this year! Each year we stay in the Anniversary Inn and this year we stayed in The Biker's Roadhouse, it was awesome!

M- Master's Degree... CHECK! Go Andrew! You rock and are always trying to make mine and Jackson's life better, thank you Sweetheart!

N- Nice Apartment! MAN ALIVE do I love our new apartment! It is SO much bigger and SO much nicer than our Logan Student Housing Apartment. I did LOVE the ward and our friends in Logan, but no dishwasher and spiders all over was just about enough to kill me after 3 years ;) O, and no AC!

O-One Years Old! Jackson Boy turned one in September and I am more than honored to be the mother to such an angel!

P- Patriots VS. Giants game! I hate football, but going to the game was really fun. One step closer to seeing ALL the teams play before we die ;)

Q- Quite the trip to England! Andrew got to go "Study Abroad" for a week or so in March for school and had so much fun!

R-RUNNING! Jackson started walking two weeks after his first birthday and got the hang of it SO fast! It is unreal how quickly these kids learn!

S-Sister Time! I LOVE MY SISTERS and am SO blessed that we have such an awesome relationship. Since moving to Midvale, I don't think I have gone one day without seeing at least one of them.

T- Time Out For Women! Gay took me, Amy and Raegen and we had so much fun. It was all of our first time (except Gay) and we are going to make it a tradition every year. I loved all of the speakers and it was so great cause it was just for women!

U- Utah State Fair! So fun! Love the fair!

V- Vacation to Boston! SO fun! LOVE our yearly getaway just the two of us!

W-Wes and Raegen got married! Such a fun, beautiful day and we couldn't be happier that Raegen is now a Hyde!

X- Xtra fun playing around! Jackson is at such a fun age- newborns are boring to me! Ha! Love them, but Jackson is so fun to play with now!

Y-Yummy food! It is nice that Jackson can now eat pretty much anything that we eat now! It is so fun ordeing him a Happy Meal and watching him eat normal people food!

Z- Zoo! This was the first time taking Jackson to the Zoo! SO fun! SO hot! Can't wait til next year ;)

Wow, I had to get creative there at the end! WOW, two post in such a short time- look at me go! LOVE YA!


Crystal said...

what a creative post! I loved how it summarized your year so concisely... I may have to copy it :) I also have to say that I am SUPER jealous of your new apartment. After thinking that we were going to be moving BEFORE this next baby; I think we've decided to stay and make it work until AFTER the baby... What I wouldn't kill for A/C, garage, another bedroom, more storage, more space, and less Shannon Jolleys hahahah. Miss you guys!

Cam, Taiya & London said...

What a cute idea! It looks like you guys had a great year, and were able to do lots of fun things. We need to come visit you guys and see your new place!

Blakelee said...

You guys are so cute!!!! Love you so much