Monday, January 23, 2012


I love January! It is the best month of the year because everyone is trying SO hard at their new years goals, trying to be a good person, stay organized and all that good stuff. My house is pretty spotless lately and it makes me SO happy! We like to have piles of clutter (mail receipts, coupons, etc...) lying around and it is amazing how much counter space that junk takes up! I LOVE New Years goals SO much! LOVE them! It is so refreshing to have a new start to better yourself...
My New Years Goals are...
1.)Forgive people more quickly. I tend to hold little grudges here and there, what a waste! SO, I am trying to be a little bit better.
2.)Organize one thing a day. We are thinking about buying a house when our lease is up in May and I want to make that move as easy as possible so I am picking one drawer or cabinet a day to de-clutter. Honestly, it doesn't take long. I already de-cluttered a box of junk in our laundry room today and it took like 10 minutes tops.
3.)Read the Ensign cover to cover each month. The Hyde family decided that this would be fun to do as a family. Me and Andrew had a goal last year to do it and stopped in March(losers, I know), but it was great while it lasted so I am excited about this one.
4.) Continue going to the Temple each month. I love going to the Temple. We have a ton of family names that we do from my dad's side and it makes it a little more special each time. If you put it on your calendar each month it really helps!
5.)Build our food storage/ stock pile a lot this year. Everytime I watch Extreme Couponing I get so motivated and think, "Why can't I do that?!?" Well, I am not going to dumpster dive for coupons, I'm not going to buy crap we don't need and most importantly, I have a life! I really do want to have an awesome stock pile though of things that we use every day (tooth paste, toilet paper, paper towels, water...) so that when the big earth quake or whatever happens we will be ready!
6.) Have my new gratitude journal filled by the end of the year. So far I have written 5 things every few days, it is a great way to recognize the Lord's hand in your life everyday.

Hopefully I can keep up with these goals- I really do want to, but you know how it goes...

Here is what we have been up to...

My bestest friend Betsy got home from her mission! YAY! I am SO happy to have her back in a land where I can at least text her and call her all the time! I guess we are used to not living in the same zip code since we haven't since 2006- wow- that's a long time! I LOVE YOU BETSY AND AM SOOO PROUD OF YOU!!!

My dad usually gets a Jazz suite for the first game of the year. This year Jackson was so fun to take. He kept cheering and ate TONS of food- it was great! Until... The Jazz Bear came! We were sitting in the seats and we hear a big POP and confetti went EVERYWHERE. Then silly string. The Bear got my dad SO good- it was so funny! SO, I screamed with excitment to go get a picture with the Bear and Jackson freaked out! Like totally lost it he got so scared! Um, HELLO, meeting the Jazz Bear is on my Bucket List (yes, I am currently working on my bucket list- always adding stuff to it).

Not too much else is going on around here... WOW, I freaking rock at blogging lately!



The Searles said...

You have been a good blogger! I love reading what you are up to:) Betsy looks so stylish as a missionary, can't wait to see her! You guys know how to do the Jazz game. Love the outfits. I miss you!

Blakelee said...

Oh nice. Sure, the one pic from me from the the Jazz game, I looked like a total wacko! Ha ah jk. I didn't even notice me in the background until later cause Jackson is so cute!

Cam, Taiya & London said...

Jackson looks so cute and BIG in his mini jersey!! How fun that you got to watch in a suite. I can't wait to go to a game, I love Jazz games!
P.S. I've been thinking and it's time for another little Hyde!!!:):) Haha