Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I know...

... I suck. Real bad. O well. I would say that it'll get better, but it probably won't... Anyways... We have had a great last few months... trip to Boston, Thanksgiving, Christmas and tons of family time! It's been great! Boston was fabulous! Me and Andrew take a trip alone each year and we decided Boston would be fun. I've been there before like 8 years ago and fell in love with the city. It is huge like New York, but not as crazy busy and a lot more historical (obviously) and stuff. I love it! If I didn't live in Utah, I'd want to live in Boston.

Thanksgiving was great and we spent this year with my family at my parents house. It was double great cause we ate at 2:00- right in the middle of Jackson's nap so I got to actually sit down and enjoy a meal!

Christmas was a lot of fun too! We spent it in Logan with the Hydes. I LOVE them all so much and feel so bad for people who don't get along with their in-laws cause mine are THE BEST!!!
Santa and Jackson!

My Family did a Sub For Santa for two families and it was so awesome. It was so fun buying things for these little kids and helping people who actually NEED things for Christmas and not just WANT stuff ;)

Bowling on Christmas Eve with the Hyde's. This was the FIRST time that I've ever broken a hundred... Thanks Son!

My sister in law Amy made the boys these CUTE matching pjs... LOVE them!!!

Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, Shephards, Angels!!!

Christmas Morning!

BITING open the presents!

New Church Christmas Outfit!

Jazz Man!

Like Mother, Like Son! Jackson is obsessed with the vacuum so when "Santa" saw this cute one for ten bucks he HAD to get it;)

Since Tuesday after Christmas, Jackson has been SO sick! Throwing up, nasty poops and dehydrated to the bone! He'll go 16 hours without a wet diaper, then I FREAK out and take him to the doctor and he'll pee the second she walks in the room... you're kidding me right... that has happened twice this week and both times the doctor has said, "Well, it's good that he peed, but if he hadn't of just peed you were going to have to go to the ER..." Lovely! SO, we've been doing lots and lots of cudling and lying around- relaxing, but exhausting all at the same time.

I'll try to be better! LOVE YA!


paige and jord said...

oh im so happy to see you back on the scene ali- please stay awhile!! ;) i just miss you guys too much. that mr jackson is getting so big, i can hardly believe it. and YES. dinner. seriously. lets go next week!

Lithie said...

oh ali!!!! having a sick lil man is the worst ever! you look so fab and that little baby is the cutest. his deep eyes are gorgeous and his adorable little smile just makes me smile looking at all his pics. WONDERFUL idea about traveling somewhere ALONE with no kids at least ONCE a year! totally going to do that starting this year! i miss you tons.... its so hard to get together with being a mom and family things and well just being a mom! but one day it will happen. dont judge me for not keeping in touch. love you girl.